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Oracle Sourcing Functionality Overview

·       Understanding Key Business Flows of Oracle Sourcing

·       Contrasting Manual and Automatic Sourcing Systems

·       Identifying Key Productivity Benefits of Oracle Sourcing

·       Understanding the Oracle Sourcing Position Within the Oracle Advanced Procurement Product Family


Oracle Sourcing Product Overview

·       Navigating Oracle Sourcing User Interface

·       Using the Buyer and Supplier Home Pages

·       Conducting Searches

·       Understanding the Functions of the Three Types of Sourcing Users


Creating Negotiations

·       Outlining the Negotiation Process

·       Defining Header Information

·       Defining Negotiation Lines

·       Defining Negotiations Response Controls

·       Using Contract Terms

·       Inviting Suppliers to a Negotiation

·       Publishing a Negotiation

·       Identifying Additional Creation Methods


Using Negotiation Attributes

·       Explaining the Usage of Negotiation Attributes

·       Defining and Using Requirements

·       Explaining Subjective Scoring

·       Defining and Using Line Attributes

·       Explaining Weighting and Scoring

·       Explaining How Price-to-Total-Score is Calculated and Used to Evaluate Responses


Additional Creation Tools

·       Defining and Using Reusable Supplier Price Factors and Price Factor Lists

·       Performing Supplier Searches

·       Defining and Using Reusable Invitation Lists

·       Defining and Using Price Breaks and Price Tiers

·       Using Spreadsheet Upload for Header Attributes and Lines

·       Defining and Using Negotiation Document Templates

·       Defining and Using Negotiation Events

·       Defining Two-Stage RFQs


Responding to Negotiations

·       Understanding the Differences Between Suppliers and Supplier Users

·       Explaining the Process for Registering Supplier Users

·       Outlining the Response Process

·       Searching for Negotiations

·       Entering and Submitting a Negotiation Response

·       Explaining Power and Proxy Bidding

·       Explaining Surrogate Bidding and Earnest Money Deposit while Bidding

·       Explaining How to Print Supplier's View of Negotiation


Monitoring Negotiations

·       Understanding the Process To Monitor a Negotiation

·       Explaining Best Response and How Calculated

·       Explaining How to Use Live Console to Monitor Negotiation

·       Using the Count-Down Clock

·       Understanding How to Use Negotiation Amendments

·       Understanding the Multi Round Process


Awarding Negotiations

·       Outlining the Award Process

·       Explaining How to Score Header Attributes

·       Explaining Different Award Methods

·       Explaining How to Use Award Optimization

·       Understanding How to Generate a Purchase Order

·       Explaining How to Allocate Requisitions Across Selected Suppliers


Using Collaborative Messaging and Notifications

·       Explaining notifications used by Oracle Sourcing

·       Describing the use of Collaborative Messaging


Using Forms and Abstracts

·       Understanding the Purpose for the System Abstract

·       Explaining How to Modify the Abstract

·       Describing Forms Usage

·       Implementing New Forms


Using Transformational Bidding

·       Explaining the Usage of Buyer Price Factors

·       Explaining How Buyer Price Factors Affect Responses

·       Explaining Different Visibility Options for Transformed Responsesng

·       Defining Buyer Price Factors


Processing Large Negotiations

·       Distinguishing between Regular and Large Negotiations

·       Identifying and Using Features available for Processing Large Negotiations


Setting Up and Implementing Oracle Sourcing

·       Identifying Relevant Applications for Implementation Tasks

·       Identifying Additional Implementation Tasks

·       Outlining Required Steps to Implement Oracle Sourcing