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Overview of Oracle Cost Management

•   Using Oracle Cost Management

•   Role of Cost Management

•   Understanding Costing Methods

•   Performing Inventory Control and Valuation

•   Analyzing Profits

•   Management Reporting

•   Budgeting and Planning

•   Oracle Cost Management Integration


Overview of Setup and Implementation of Oracle Cost Management

•   Setting Up in Other Applications

•   Setting Up in Oracle General Ledger

•   Setting Up in Oracle Work in Process

•   Setting Up in Oracle Inventory

•   Setting Up in Oracle Purchasing

•   Setting Up in Oracle Bills of Material

•   Setting Up in Oracle Cost Management


Setting Up in Oracle Cost Management

•   Setting Up Profile Options

•   Setting Up Cost Types

•   Copying Costs

•   Setting Up Activities and Activity Costs

•   Defining Project Cost Groups

•   Understanding Cost Elements

•   Setting Up Subelements

•   Understanding Landed Cost Management


Describing Cost Controls

•   Describing General Ledger Cost Controls

•   Inter-organization Transfers with Multiple Set of Books

•   Describing Organizational Cost Controls

•   Organization-Level Default and System Accounts

•   Defining Inter-organization Transfer Information

•   Describing Financial Cost Controls

•   Describing WIP Controls for Costing and WIP Parameters

•   Receiving Options and Controls


Item Costing

•   Selecting an Item-Cost Type Association

•   Defining Item Costs

•   Viewing Item Costs

•   Describing Elemental Costs

•   Phantom Costing

•   Mass Editing Item Accounts and Cost Information

•   Viewing Material and WIP Transaction Distributions

•   Resubmitting Transactions for Costing


Defining Resource and Overhead Costs

•   Defining BOM Parameters

•   Defining Resource Costs and Overheads

•   Defining Departments and Associating Resources

•   Associating Overheads With Departments and Resources

•   Defining Routings

•   Defining Bills of Material


Standard Costing

•   Overview of Standard Costing

•   Understanding the WIP Transactions Cost Flow

•   Setting Up Standard Costing

•   Setting Up Standard Costing for Manufacturing

•   Reporting Pending Adjustments

•   Running a Supply Chain Cost Rollup

•   Updating Standard Costs

•   Understanding Standard Cost Transactions


Average Costing

•   Overview of Average Costing

•   Setting Up Average Costing

•   Understanding Average Costing Flows

•   Updating Average Costs

•   Viewing Item Cost History Information

•   Understanding Average Cost Variances

•   Average Cost Transactions


Analyzing WIP Transactions

•   Overview of Analyzing WIP Transactions

•   Viewing Job and Schedule Values Online

•   Reporting and Analyzing WIP Values


Period Close for Inventory Organizations

•   Cost Accounting at Period Close Overview

•   Viewing Pending Transactions

•   Transfer Options

•   Closing the Period in Inventory

•   Posting to the General Ledger

•   Reconciling Perpetual Inventory to GL

•   Client Extensions


Periodic Costing

•   FIFO and LIFO Costing

•   Revenue and COGS Matching

•   Subledger Accounting

•   Describing T-Accounts for Inventory Transactions for Standard Costing

•   Describing T-Accounts for WIP Transactions for Standard Costing



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