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Overview of Work in Process

·          Introduction to Work in Process

·          Manufacturing Methods

·          Overview of Creating Discrete Jobs

·          Overview of Shop Floor Transactions

·          Overview of Resource Management

·          Overview of Production Scheduling

·          Overview of Material Control

·          Overview of Cost Transactions


Setting Up Work in Process

·          Setting Up Integrated Oracle Applications

·          Work in Process Setup Steps

·          Defining WIP Parameters

·          Setting Profile Option Values

·          Defining WIP Accounting Classes


Creating Discrete Jobs

·          Creating a Discrete Job

·          Standard Versus Non-standard Jobs

·          Viewing Operations, Resources, and Material Requirements

·          Releasing, Building, and Updating Jobs

·          Importing Jobs and Schedules

·          Releasing, Building, and Updating Jobs


Updating Material Requirements

·          Setting Component Supply Types

·          Viewing and Updating Material Requirements

·          Outside Processing in Replenishment

·          Overview of Backflush Transactions

·          Assigning Lot and Serial Controlled Items

·          Using the Component Pick Release Program

·          Assigning Lot and Serial Controlled Items

·          Outside Processing in Replenishment



Assigning and Managing Resources

·          Resource Charge Types

·          Resource Usage Calculations

·          Viewing and Updating Resources

·          Resource Scheduling Setup

·          Using the Resource Workbench


Defining Scheduling

·          Scheduling Methods in Discrete Production

·          Lead Time Calculation Elements in Scheduling

·          Detailed Scheduling

·          Using the Job Workbench

·          Rescheduling Jobs and Schedules


Creating Shop Floor Transactions

·          Material Transactions in Production

·          Managing Operations

·          Creating Move and Completion Transactions

·          Creating Rework and Scrap Transactions

·          Using the Discrete Workstation

·          Moving and Completing Operations

·          Oracle Quality Integration

·          Importing Transactions


Work in Process Cost Transactions

·          Overview of Work in Process Costing

·          WIP Accounting Classes

·          Transactional Cost Activity

·          Cost Reporting


Special Topics for Work in Process

·          Generating Reports and Requests

·          E-Signature Flows in Work in Process

·          Outside Processing Workflows

·          Closing and Purging Jobs and Schedules


Manufacturing Execution System Workstation

·          Introduction to MES for Discrete Manufacturing

·          Administrator, Operator, and Supervisor Roles

·          Configuring the Workstation

·          Viewing Dispatch Lists and Work Content

·          Performing Job Transactions

·          Viewing Resources and Resolving Exceptions

·          Using the Supervisor Dashboard


Repetitive Manufacturing

·          Defining Schedules

·          Setting Repetitive Line and Sequencing Elements

·          Implementing Planning Recommendations

·          Scheduling Repetitive Records

·          Updating Repetitive Schedules



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