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Defining Items

·          Creating Manufacturing and Engineering Items

·          Using Item Templates

·          Entering and Revising Item Attributes

·          Enabling Organization Assignments

·          Searching Items

·          Viewing Item Information

·          Creating Item Catalog Groups

·          Defining Descriptive Elements


Setting Up Bills of Material and Routings

·          Setting Up Workday Calendars

·          Using the Workday Calendar

·          Setting Up BOM and Routing Information

·          Defining Competencies for Resources

·          Defining Competencies for Routings

·          Defining Competencies for Standard Operations

·          Creating Alternates

·          Defining Lookups


Creating Bills of Material

·          Overview of Bills of Material

·          Creating Standard Bills of Material

·          Entering Bills of Material

·          Assigning Descriptive Elements

·          Creating Reference Designators

·          Assigning Substitute Components

·          Creating Alternate Bills of Material


Creating Customized Bills of Material

·          Creating Planning, Model and Option Class Bills of Material

·          Using Configure to Order Features

·          Autocreating Configuration Items

·          Deactivating Configuration Items

·          Creating Product Families

·          Assigning Members


Maintaining Bills of Material

·          Revising Bills of Material and Items

·          Using Tools Menu

·          Reviewing Indented Bills of Material

·          Comparing Bills of Material

·          Using Common Bills of Material

·          Performing Mass Changes

·          Bills of Material E-Records

·          Bills of Material Business Events


Create Routings

·          Creating Routings

·          Defining Operating Competencies for Performing Routing Operations

·          Calculating Lead Times

·          Computing Manufacturing Lead Time

·          Calculating Cumulative Total Lead Time


Maintaining Routings

·          Revising Routings

·          Creating Standard Operations

·          Defining Operation Competencies for Standard Operations

·          Viewing Resource Usage


Common Bills of Material and Routing Functionality

·          Copying Bills and Routings

·          Referencing Common Bills and Routings

·          Defining Documents

·          Defining Bill and Operation Documents

·          Deleting Information

·          Importing Bills and Routings


Engineering Overview

·          Introducing Oracle Engineering


Setting Up Oracle Engineering

·          Setting Up Engineering Flowchart


Creating Engineering Change Orders

·          Engineering Change Orders Overview

·          Creating ECOs

·          ECO Life Cycle


Maintaining Engineering Change Orders

·          Implementing ECOs

·          Viewing ECO Information

·          Running ECO Reports

·          Managing ECOs

·          Understanding Engineering Change Order Business Object Interface


Transferring and Copying Engineering Items, Bills, and Routings

·          Transferring and Copying Product Information

·          Transferring Information to Manufacturing

·          Copying Information to Manufacturing



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