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Overview of Oracle Asset Management

·       E-Business Suite Integration

·       Implementation Considerations for Oracle Financials

·       Oracle Assets Setup Steps

·       Implementing Oracle Assets

·       Adding Assets Manually

·       Mass Asset Additions

·       Acquire and Build CIP Assets

·       Reconciling Data in Oracle Assets


Asset Controls Setup

·       Oracle Assets Setup

·       Steps Setup Steps Flow

·       Setting Up Key Flexfields

·       Location Key Flexfield

·       Creating Key Flexfield Combinations

·       Specifying System Controls

·       Setting Up Asset Calendars

·       Maintaining an Audit Trail


Asset Books

·       Asset Books Regions

·       Calendar Region

·       Accounting Rules Region

·       Organizations and Security by Book

·       Security by Book Setup Steps

·       Troubleshooting Security by Book

·       Implementation Considerations for Security by Book

·       Asset Categories

·       Asset Categories Positioning

·       Asset Categories Regions

·       Asset Categories Setup


Manual Asset Additions

·       Asset Life Cycle

·       Adding Assets Manually

·       Detailed Asset Additions

·       Asset Cost Terminology

·       Accumulated Depreciation Considerations

·       Manual Asset Additions Journal Entries

·       Group Depreciation

·       Set Up Group Assets


Mass Asset Additions

·       Mass Asset Additions Process

·       Using the Mass Additions Interface Table

·       Tracking Expensed Items in Oracle Assets

·       Changing Asset Information

·       Accounting for Cost Adjustments

·       Purge Mass Additions

·       Creating Assets Using Web ADI


CIP Asset Additions

·       Adding and Capitalizing a CIP Asset

·       Acquire and Build CIP Assets

·       Automatically Adding CIP Assets to Tax Books

·       Modifying the Cost of CIP Assets

·       Recording a CIP Asset

·       Addition Capitalizing a CIP Asset

·       Reversing a Capitalized Asset

·       CIP Assets and Oracle Projects


Asset Adjustments and Maintenance

·       Single Asset Reclassification

·       Mass Reclassification

·       Inheriting Depreciation Rules

·       Choosing to Expense or Amortize

·       Depreciation Adjustments

·       Amortizing Adjustments Using a Retroactive Start Date

·       Asset Revaluation

·       Performing Physical Inventory

·       Physical Inventory Reconciliation



·       Elements of Depreciation

·       Depreciation Setup Areas

·       Basic Depreciation Calculation

·       Depreciation Methods

·       Entering Production Information

·       Prorate Conventions

·       Run Depreciation Process

·       Depreciation Forecasts


Asset Retirements

·       Tracking Asset Retirements

·       Overview of Retiring an Asset

·       Restrictions on Retirements and Reinstatements

·       Reinstating Retired Assets

·       Retirement Processing Flow

·       Recording Retirements

·       Retirement Reports

·       Calculating Gains and Losses


Asset Accounting

·       Setting Up Asset Accounting

·       Oracle Subledger Accounting

·       Assets Journal Entries Flow

·       Reconciling Data in Oracle Assets

·       Generating Reports to Reconcile to the General Ledger

·       Reconciling Asset Cost Accounts

·       Reconciling Mass Additions


Asset Inquiry and Reporting

·       Viewing Asset Information Online

·       Types of Asset Inquiries

·       Asset Inquiry Options

·       iAssets Search for Assets

·       iAssets Setup Steps

·       iAssets Setup Steps-Rules

·       iAssets Setup Steps-Profile Options

·       Oracle Assets Reporting


Tax Accounting

·       Creating a Tax Book

·       Prerequisites for Setting Up Tax Book Asset Categories

·       Entering Information in Tax Books

·       Updating a Tax Book Manually

·       Tax Book Upload Interface

·       Deferred Depreciation

·       Adjusting Accumulated Depreciation

·       General Tax Reports