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  General Ledger Core Team Training Overview

·       Explaining how Oracle Functional Setup Manager is used to implement key requirements

·       Discussing the key elements for a minimal configuration

·       Reviewing some of the key decisions and best practices


  Basic Navigation and Business Process Flows

·       Navigating Oracle Cloud Applications

·       Exploring dashboards and panels

·       Reviewing infolets and infotiles

·       Reviewing the Close Monitor

·       Examining key General Ledger business flows


  Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

·             Explaining the benefits and key concepts of Oracle Functional Setup Manager

·             Using the opt-into offering features

·             Managing setup data

·             Using export and import to set up your data

·             Migrating set up data from test to production


  Configuring Enterprise Structure

·             Listing the key implementation requirements to configure an enterprise structure

·             Describing the usage of geography within the structure

·             Discussing characteristics of legal entities, jurisdictions, and authorities

·             Explaining the General Ledger components

·             Explaining how business units and reference data sets function within the structure

·             Discussing the strategy of enterprise structure configured for Vision Corporation

·             Describing how rapid implementation can simplify configuration


  Configuring GL Components

·             Discuss the importance of value sets

·             Reviewing the chart of accounts components

·             Describing account hierarchies

·             Explaining segment values

·             Discussing cross-validation rules

·             Reviewing calendars and currencies


  Configuring General Ledger

·             Describing ledgers and ledger options

·             Assigning balancing segments

·             Discussing reporting currencies and secondary ledgers

·             Explaining the need for mapping chart of accounts

·             Exploring the structure of the GL Balances cube

·             Discussing the benefits of ledger sets

·             Describing the importance of data access sets for General Ledger security