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Procure to Pay Process

·       Key areas in procure to pay process

·       Business units positioning in procure to pay flow

·       Service provider model


Payables Process

·       Describe payables process flow

·       Key areas in payables process

·       Payables integration points



·       Define supplier and supplier sites

·       Manage procurement agents



·       Overview of invoicing process

·       Invoice workbench structure

·       Invoice distribution methods

·       Invoice validation

·       Understanding invoice approval

·       Apply and release holds



·       Payments overview

·       Setting up payments

·       Payment processing options

·       Review and adjust payments

·       Create, apply and release holds on prepayments


Witholding Tax

·       Witholding tax process

·       Witholding tax options

·       Create witholding tax invoices

·       Process automatic witholding tax invoices


Payables Reporting

·       Overview of Standard Reports

·       Overview of ad-hoc reports using OTBI

·       Overview of BI Publisher