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Course Overview

·       Course Objectives and Agenda

·       Course Materials

·       Additional Sources of Information


Fast Formula Overview

·       Oracle HCM Cloud Overview

·       Examples of Formula Uses

·       Formula Editors

·       Security Overview and Example


Basic Fast Formula Syntax

·       Formula Components

·       Database Items

·       Global Values

·       Variables

·       Statements and Functions

·       Formula Compiler


Basic Fast Formula Structure

·       Understanding Statement Types

·       Writing Well Structured Formulas

·       Formula Structure Examples


Advanced Fast Formula Syntax

·       Arrays

·       Calling a Formula from a Formula

·       Setting Formula Context Values

·       The Working Storage Area


Performance and Troubleshooting

·       Formula Writing and Performance Tips

·       Troubleshooting Tips

·       Common Compilation and Execution Errors


Payroll Formulas

·       Commonly Used Payroll Formula Types

·       User-Defined Tables

·       Elements and Formulas

·       Payroll Process Configuration

·       Debugging Payroll Formulas


Benefits Formulas

·       Commonly Used Benefit Formula Types

·       Formulas for Benefits

·       Formula Contexts


Compensation Formulas

·       Commonly Used Compensation Formula Types

·       Compensation Default and Override Formulas


Absence Management Formulas

·       Commonly Used Absence Management Formula Types

·       Formulas and Accrual Plans

·       Global Absence Plan Duration Formulas


Time and Labor Formulas

·       Time and Labor Formula Types

·       Delivered Time Entry Rules

·       Delivered Time Calculation Rules

·       Time Repository Rules, Rule Sets, and Templates