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Oracle Fusion Approvals and Extensibility Overview

·       Lesson and Course Objectives

·       Course Schedule

·       Course Hands-On Activities, Introduction, and Sign Ins

·       Oracle Fusion Resources


Approvals Security and Functional Security Manager

·       Role Based Access Control

·       Role Types

·       Security Reference Implementation

·       Set up Approval Through FSM


Approval Management Overview

·       Approval Workflow Overview

·       Approval Policies Overview

·       Approval Transactions Overview


Approvals Rule Configuration

·       Approval Rules Overview

·       Parts of an Approval Rule

·       Creating an Approval Rule

·       Approval Attribute Overview

·       Adding Approvers

·       Configuring Approver Settings


Approvals Rule Configuration

·       Approval Notifications Overview

·       FYI Notifications Overview


Approval Types and Approval Groups

·       Approval Types Overview

·       Position Hierarchy Overview

·       Approval Groups Overview


Oracle BPM Worklist

·       HCM Approval Management in Oracle BPM Worklist

·       Roles and Rights for Approving Tasks

·       Task Aggregation Overview

·       FYI Notification in BPM

·       Notification and Reminder Settings

·       Modifying Approval Rules in BPM Worklist

·       Setting the Transaction to Automatically Approve



·       Sandboxes Overview

·       Working With Sandboxes

·       Types of Sandboxes

·       Types of Customizations in Sandboxes


Extensibility, Customization, and Personalization

·       Customization Layers Overview

·       Working with Shared Components

·       Customizing the Springboard

·       Customizing Page Components

·       Page Composer Migration


Working With the Page Composer

·       Adding Content to a Page

·       Modifying Page Appearances

·       Applying Conditional Changes


Using Flexfields

·       Describing Flexfields and Components

·       Describing Flexfields Types

·       Deploying and Migrating Flexfields