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Course Overview

·       Agenda

·       Introductions

·       Goals and Objectives

·       Description of Methodology

·       Description of Materials

·       Description of Hands-On Activities


Getting Started with HCM Cloud Reporting with OTBI

·       Providing an Overview of Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

·       Reviewing the Five Types of Roles in Oracle Application Security

·       Examining OTBI Separation of Functional Privileges by Job Role

·       Accessing OTBI

·       Cofiguring Preferences

·       Navigating the Application

·       Running Standard Analyses


Scoping Analyses

·       Examining Analysis Design

·       Assigning Titles and Purposes to Analyses

·       Reviewing Distribution


Examining Subject Areas

·       Understanding Tree Hierarchy Reporting

·       Examining Prepackaged Subject Areas

·       Reviewing the Structure of Prepackaged Subject Areas

·       Looking at Dimension Folders

·       Looking at Fact Folders


Constructing Custom Analyses

·       Examining the Process Driving Custom Analyses

·       Determining Custom Analysis Content

·       Creating Basic Custom Analyses

·       Creating Basic Custom Analyses

·       Creating Basic Custom Analyses

·       Saving Basic Custom Analyses


Using Filters

·       Examining Filters

·       Building Filters

·       Reviewing Filter Components

·       Examining Shared Filters

·       Using Saved Analyses As Filters


Adding Selection Steps

·       Comparing Selection Steps with Filters

·       Examining Selection Steps

·       Working with Selection Steps

·       Filtering via Selection Steps Based on Conditions

·       Using Selection Steps Based on Conditions: Exceptions

·       Using Selection Steps Based on Conditions: Top/Bottom (Ranking)

·       Using Selection Steps Based on Conditions: Match


Organizing Data within Analyses

·       Examining Table Prompts

·       Examining Sections

·       Working with Sections and Table Prompts

·       Examining Groups

·       Working with Groups

·       Examining Calculated Items

·       Working with Calculated Items


Organizing Analyses within OTBI

·       Exploring the BI Catalog

·       Reviewing the OTBI Report Web Catalog

·       Working with the New Drop-Down Menu

·       Searching the BI Catalog

·       Examining More Actions on Analyses

·       Printing and Exporting Analyses


Using Scheduling Agents

·       Examining Scheduling Agents

·       Running Agents

·       Listing Agents

·       Creating Agents with Conditions

·       Examining Actions

·       Managing Agent Alerts


Working with OTBI Visual Aides: Incorporating Visual Aides into Analyses

·       Examining Compound Layout Panes

·       Specifying Table/View Properties

·       Examining View Types

·       Examining View Editors

·       Applying Conditional Formatting


Working with OTBI Visual Aides: Understanding Advanced Analysis Views

·       Examining Trellis Views

·       Examining Advanced Visual Aids

·       Understanding Advanced Analysis Views

·       Examining Legend, Narrative, Ticker, Logical SQL and View Selector Views


Managing Analysis Content: Using Analysis Tools

·       Setting Analysis Properties

·       Working with Column Selectors

·       Adding Column Selectors to Analyses


Managing Analysis Content: Restructuring Data

·       Creating Master-Detail Channels

·       Defining the Master View

·       Defining the Detail View

·       Looking at the Master-Detail View in Action


Creating Key Performance Indicators

·       Understanding Key Performance Indicators

·       Using KPIs in OTBI

·       Examining KPI Terms

·       Building Calculations for KPIs

·       Building KPIs


Scoping Dashboards

·       Examining Dashboards

·       Reviewing Dashboard Content

·       Scoping Dashboards


Building Dashboards

·       Creating New Dashboards

·       Adding Content to Dashboards

·       Editing and Configuring Dashboard Format and Content

·       Examining Dashboard Prompts

·       Using the Tools Toolbar

·       Configuring Dashboard Preferences from My Account


Creating Briefing Books

·       Examining Briefing Books

·       Turning OBI Content into Briefing Books

·       Editing Briefing Books

·       Downloading and Viewing Briefing Books

·       Adding Briefing Books to Dashboards

·       Using Briefing Books with Agents