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Overview of Financials Accounting Hub

·       Understanding Financials Accounting Hub

·       Creating Subledger Journal Entries from Accounting Events

·       Identifying Accounting Events

·       Explaining Transaction Objects Overview

·       Understanding Flexible Application Accounting

·       Describing Multiple Representations and Scalability

·       Explaining Primary and Secondary Ledgers

·       Describing Financials Accounting Hub Flow


Defining, Building and Integrating a Third Party Application

·       Defining, Building and Integrating

·       Planning the Expected Journal Entries

·       Defining Transaction Tables for the External Payables System

·       Defining Transaction View for the External Payables System

·       Registering the Application

·       Defining a Custom SLA Responsibility

·       Defining Journal Source and Categories

·       Defining the Subledger Accounting Application


Using Accounting Methods Builder (AMB)

·       Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Overview

·       Oracle-Owned versus User-Owned Accounting Methods Builder Components

·       Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) Flow

·       Defining Entities for the External Payables System Transactions

·       Defining Event Classes and Event Types

·       Defining a Process Category

·       Defining Accounting Event Class Options

·       Creating, Assigning, and Validating Sources


Creating Journal Entries

·       Creating Journal Entries

·       Populating Transaction tables

·       Creating Accounting Events

·       Create Accounting Program Overview

·       Running the Create Accounting Program

·       Create Accounting Program Parameters

·       Verifying the Results


Using Reports

·       Subledger Accounting Reports Overview

·       Journal Entries Report

·       Account Analysis Report

·       Third Party Balances Report

·       Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report