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Product Introduction

·       Describe the expense reporting process

·       Describe the advantages of using Internet Expenses

·       Describe the product features


Application Integration Setup

·       Identify the base application requirements for Oracle Internet Expense (OIE)

·       Discuss integration and implementation with Oracle Application Object Library, Human Resources, System Administration and Payables

·       Describe implementation when integrating with Oracle Projects, Grants Accounting and Approvals Management


Oracle Internet Expenses Setup

·       Setup Schedules

·       Define expense report templates

·       Select operating units

·       Setup locations

·       Describe future-dated expenses, and approval communication languages setup

·       Setup exchange rates behavior and expense fields

·       Customize expenses entry client extensions


Taxes Setup and Processing

·       Setup tax calculations

·       Setup VAT merchant fields

·       Automatically create tax distributions


Audit Automation Setup and Management

·       Setup audit rule sets

·       View and maintain audit list

·       Create and assign audit list rule sets

·       Describe the audit list API and audit reasons API


Manager Approvals

·       Describe Approvals Management Engine (AME)

·       Describe the AME routing process

·       Describe the AME setup steps

·       Describe the Approval Client Extension


Disconnected Expense Spreadsheet Configuration

·       Use the disconnected expense report process

·       Configure the Microsoft Excel template

·       Test your custom Microsoft Excel template


Internet Expenses Workflow Processes

·       Describe, setup and use the Expenses workflow

·       Describe, setup and use the Credit Cards workflow

·       Initiate the deferred workflow processes


Credit Cards Setup

·       Establish credit card programs

·       Define programs and accounts

·       Create employee matching rules

·       Select loading and validation method

·       Perform credit card expense type mapping

·       Use card expense type mapping

·       Describe credit card policies setup


Credit Card Administration

·       Discuss the credit card process flows and processing tasks

·       Describe and perform credit card transactions accounting

·       Manage credit card transactions


iExpense Reporting & Analysis

·       Understand the reporting options in Internet Expenses