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Implementing Enterprise Structures

·       Explain the fundamental structures for an enterprise

·       Explain legal entities and their role within the system

·       Design an Enterprise Configuration

·       Explain management reporting structures

·       Model a Business Unit within an Enterprise Structure

·       Describe Item and Cost Organizations

Inventory Transactions

·       Create Subinventory Transfer and Miscellaneous Transactions

·       Create an Interorganization Transaction

·       Create a Movement Request

·       Explain Transfer Types

·       Perform a PO Receipt

·       Explain the relationship between Discrete Manufacturing and Inventory Transactions

·       Perform a Pick Slip confirmation


Advanced Inventory Transactions

·       Explain how Material Status Control affects transactions and Create Material Statuses

·       Perform lot and/or serial controlled transaction

·       Explain Item Availability types

·       Create Inventory Reservations

·       Perform Project-Specific Inventory Transactions


Consigned Inventory from a Supplier

·       Explain the Consignment Process

·       Create Consumption Advice

·       Explain Ownership Transfers and Return from Consignment perspective


Back to Back Processing

·       Apply the Back to Back process flow

·       Manage exceptions in the Back to Back process flow


Plan Inventory Replenishment

·       Run a Min-Max Plan, explain reorder quantity calculation and supply request generation

·       Set up min-max related item and item subinventory level attributes

·       Explain PAR Location Management


Inventory Counts

·       Create Manual Cycle Count and explain how cycle counts are generated

·       Perform a Physical Inventory and explain how physical inventory adjustments affect the inventory balances


Supply Chain Orchestration Overview

·       Explain the capabilities of supply chain orchestration

·       Describe the Supply Lines Work Area, analyze and manage business flows and exceptions within supply chain orchestration


External Integration

·       Integrate using ADFDi and FBDI

·       Integrate Inventory Transactions,Balances, Receipts and Shipments


Costing and Inventory Foundations

·       Explain Common Inventory Configurations

·       Describe Managerial Accounting and Cost Accounting Basics