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Setup and System Overview

·       Describe the Parent-Child Company hierarchy

·       Describe the User Menu configuration

·       Set up a System Integration Framework

·       Set up Sequence Counters, Barcode types, and Printers

·       Describe Unification of WMS and WFM

·       Explain Rest API Enhancements

·       Describe SCM Cloud Integrator (OIC)

·       Reload Literals


Setting up Inbound Processes

·       Create Purchase Orders and integrate them with the Warehouse Management System (WMS)

·       Create Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASNs) and integrate them with WMS

·       Check in a Load and receive by Load

·       Create and check-in Appointments

·       Perform a receipt by ASN, with and without the RF and ASN verification

·       Describe the System Directed Quality Control (QC)

·       Explain Cross Dock management

·       Explain Inbound Sorting

·       Perform Putaway


Outbound Orders

·       Describe Order Types, Create Orders, and Integrate Orders with WMS

·       Describe Wave templates, and execute Waves

·       Perform Picking

·       Perform Packing

·       Manage LTL Load and Shipping

·       Parcel Manifests

·       OBLPN Directed Putaway

·       Kitting

·       Dynamic Staging


Inventory Management

·       Describe Inventory Types

·       Create an item in Item Master and integrate it with WMS

·       Create Locations in Location Master

·       Describe different Inventory screens

·       Combine/Split IB LPNs

·       Execute a Cycle Count

·       Explain Lot Management

·       Handling items with Expiration Date

·       Track Serial numbers

·       Configure and execute Replenishment

·       Miscellaneous Inventory Management Transactions


Oracle Warehouse Management Business Intelligence Cloud (WMS BI Cloud)

·       Explain WMS BI Cloud

·       Create Express, Standard, CrossTab, and Dashboard Reports

·       Execute, Schedule, and Edit Reports

·       Redesigned Web Reports - Web Reports Gen 2


WMS Cloud VBCS Mobile App

·       Describe WMS Cloud Mobile APP



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