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Oracle Planning Central Cloud Overview

·       Configuring Pages, Tilesets, Tables and Graphs

·       Managing Planners, Security and Profile Options


Demand Management

·       Configure, Run and Manage a Demand Plan

·       Applying Forecasting Methods, Causal Factors, and then Evaluating Results

·       Describe Override Demand Forecast and Plan Approval

·       Configuring UOM, Currency, Disaggregation and Conditional Formatting

·       Explain Simulate Forecast Scenarios.

·       Forecast Internal Orders


Supply Plans

·       Manage Creating, Copying and Viewing a Supply Plan

·       Managing Supply Plan options

·       Configure Safety Stock Plan options

·       Perform Running Supply Plan

·       Modelling and Analyzing the Supply Plan

·       Manage Release Recommendations

·       Analyze Demand Fulfillment


Supply Network Model

·       Explain Supply Network Model

·       Managing Sourcing and Approved Suppliers

·       Apply Item Attributes for Supply Planning

·       Dealing with Drop Ships

·       Planning for Counter Sales Orders


Data Collection

·       Dealing with Collected Data


Planning Analytics

·       Configure Planning Analytics



·       Configure & Analyze Exceptions


Advanced Fulfillment

·       Dealing with Advanced Fulfillment via Contract Manufacturing, Back-to-Back, and Configure to Order



·       Evaluate and Execute Simulations


Sales and Operations Planning

·       Setting up S&OP

·       Integrate S&OP with SCM Cloud and External systems


Supply Chain Collaboration

·       Supply Planning Collaboration

·       Contract Management Collaboration

·       Customer Demand Collaboration


Costing and Inventory Foundations

·       Costing and Inventory Foundations


Constraint-based Plans

·       Create and Manage a Constrained Supply Plan, including Material and Resource Constraints


Backlog Management

·       Explain backlog management

·       Perform backlog management


Replenishment Planning

·       Configure Replenishment Planning

·       Deploying Multi-Dimensional Demand Segments

·       Inventory rebalancing via clustering


Production Scheduling

·       Configure Production Scheduling