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Receipt Accounting

·       Receipt Accounting Overview

·       Accrue at Period End

·       Accrue on Receipt

·       Receipt Accounting Reporting

·       Subledger Accounting for Receipt Accounting


Cost Accounting

·       Cost Accounting Overview

·       Cost Accounting Setup

·       Manage Daily Tasks

·       Manage Cost Accounting Period End

·       Cost Accounting Reporting


Manufacturing Costing

·       Manufacturing Costing Overview

·       Manufacturing Costing Setup

·       Defining Standard Costs

·       Work Order Costing

·       Manufacturing Costing Reporting


Landed Cost Management

·       Overview of Landed Cost Management

·       Landed Cost Management Setup

·       Managing Estimated Landed Cost Charges

·       Managing Actual Landed Cost Charges

·       Landed Cost Reporting


Costing of Fulfillment Business Flows

·       Overview of Costing of Fulfillment Business Flows

·       Contract Manufacturing

·       Configure to Order

·       Consigned Inventory

·       Back-to-Back Orders

·       Drop Shipments

·       Internal Material Transfers

·       Revenue and COGS Matching


Supply Chain Financial Orchestration

·       Overview of Supply Chain Financial Orchestration

·       Setting Up Supply Chain Financial Orchestration

·       Processing Supply Chain Financial Orchestration Flows

·       Monitoring Financial Orchestration Flows

·       Costing Financial Orchestration Transactions

·       Reporting Financial Orchestration Transactions