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Managerial Accounting Overview

·       Explain Cost Accounting and how it integrates with other modules

·       Describe the purpose of Cost Accounting, Receipt Accounting, and Landed Cost

·       Explain key implementation decision points


Receipt Accounting Overview

·       Describe the Receipt Accounting Work Area

·       Explain Receipt Accounting

·       Configure Accrue at period end

·       Receipt Accounting processes

·       Manage daily Receipt Accounting tasks


Cost Accounting Overview

·       Describe the Cost Accounting Work Area

·       Explain Cost Accounting

·       Configure Costing methods (Standard, Perpetual, and Actual)

·       Create Cost Accounting Key setups (Cost Org, Cost Book, Relationships, Elements, Components, Component Mappings, Valuation Structures, Cost Profiles, and Default Cost Profiles)

·       Explain the Role of Costing Key setups and Cost policies

·       Perform Cost Accounting processes & Reporting

·       Manage Daily Cost Accounting tasks


Standard Costs

·       Manage Cost scenarios

·       Create Standard Costs, Resource Rates, and Overhead Rates

·       Manage rolled up  Costs

·       Analyze and resolve Standard Cost variances


Landed Cost Overview

·       Describe the Landed Cost Work Area

·       Explain Landed Cost

·       Configure Landed Cost Management

·       Manage Charge Names, Reference types & Routes


Subledger Accounting

·       Explain the Receipt & Cost Accounting Subledger

·       Create Account Rules

·       Create Journal Line Rules

·       Create a Subledger Journal Entry Rule set

·       Create an Accounting Method

·       Explain the relationships of Subledger Components

·       Analyze and resolve errors and exceptions


Costing and Inventory Foundations

·       Explain Common Inventory Configurations


Projects Enabled Supply Chain

·       Explain Common Projects Enabled SCM Configurations

·       Manage Project enabled Work Orders