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Initial Setup

·       Set up Enterprise and Industry

·       Manage Personalization and Internationalization

·       Define and enable Geographies

·       Profile Options, Lookups, and Scheduled Processes

·       Create the Accounting Calendar

·       Configure Multiple Business Units

Customer Management

·       Manage Accounts and Contacts

·       Manage Activities

·       Manage Data Quality


Lead Management

·       Manage Leads and Assessments


Opportunity Management

·       Describe Sales Methods

·       Configure Opportunity Management

·       Set up Products and Sales Catalogs



·       Describe Forecasting Options


Territory Management and Assignment Rules

·       Manage Territories and Assignments


Configure Channel Sales

·       Describe Partner on-boarding process

·       Create Partner Accounts and Partner Contacts


Migrate Configurations to Production

·       Migrate Configuration to Production


Manage Extensions for Sales

·       Describe the Oracle Recommended guidelines for working in sandboxes

·       Describe the Tools used to extend and modify the application

·       Extend Custom Fields and Pages

·       Use Scripting and Web Services

·       Tailor the User Interface


Cloud Implementations

·       Describe Cloud instance management, including Updates, Upgrades, and Environment Refreshes

·       Set up auditing policy

Measure Performance

·       Manage Sales Analytics Search

·       Configure Search


Manage Security

·       Manage Roles, Visibility, and Security

·       Plan for Access Control

·       Set up Organizations and Users

·       Configure Access Groups