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Store Implementation Requirements and Design

·       Describe the provisioned environments provided to you

·       Describe the configuration capabilities and tasks of Oracle Commerce Cloud

·       Explain the capabilities of the extension framework

·       Explain typical custom integration projects in a store implementation


Storefront Development

·       Describe the storefront architecture

·       Manage storefront components in the Administration UI

·       Edit storefront components in the Administration UI

·       Build storefront extensions

·       Access store data from a widget

·       Use storefront libraries in widget JavaScript

·       Use data bindings in storefront template code

·       Include configuration options on widgets

·       Include elements in widgets


Multiple Sites in a Single Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) Instance

·       Describe the uses of multisite

·       Manage sites in the Administration UI

·       Create and edit sites using REST APIs

·       Manage site context with Agent endpoints

·       Manage languages and catalogs in a multisite environment


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·       Customize URL Patterns by language

·       Enter SEO metadata by language


Account-Based Commerce (B2B)

·       Explain the features that support account-based commerce

·       Configure B2B features in the Administration UI

·       Multisite Implementation- Site Setup and management using REST API

·       Implement the B2B storefront for account buyers

·       Implement storefront account administration

·       Implement the B2B order process and approvals


Custom Payment Integration

·       Describe the payment framework for OOTB and custom payment integrations

·       Implement custom payment gateway extensions

·       Implement communication via the Oracle Commerce Cloud payment webhooks

·       Support a web checkout model and split payments

·       Configure widgets to support custom payment