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Understanding the eBusiness Suite

·       Key Business Flows and Integration Points Between Products in the R12 eBusiness Suite


Understanding the Accounting to Financial Reporting Business Flow

·       Steps to Complete the Accounting Cycle Using Oracle General Ledger

·       How Oracle General Ledger Integrates with Other Oracle eBusiness Applications The Accounting to Financial

·       Accounting Business Flow


Understanding the Procure to Pay Business Flow

·       Key Areas in the Procure to Pay Process

·       How the Procure to Pay Process Fits Into the Oracle eBusiness Suite of Applications


Understanding Suppliers Setting up New Suppliers Identifying Key Reports

·       Identifying Supplier-related Implementation Considerations


Understanding Purchasing

·       The Oracle Purchasing Process Flow

·       Identifying Implementation Considerations of Oracle Purchasing


Understanding Payables

·       Entering Invoices

·       The Expense Report Process Creating Payments

·       How Accounting Flows to the General Ledger


Understanding Assets The Assets Process Flow Asset Book Positioning

·       Adding, Adjusting, Depreciating, and Retiring Assets


Understanding the Order to Cash Flow Business Flow

·       The Order to Cash and Click to Cash Process Flows Key Areas in the Order to Cash Cycle

·       How the Order to Cash Process Fits into the Oracle eBusiness Suite


Understanding Customers

·       The Party Model

·       Setting up New Customers Key Reports

·       Customer-related Implementation Considerations


Understanding Order Management

·       How Oracle Order Management Uses Items The Order Entry Process

·       Creating Orders Managing Orders

·       How Orders are Priced

·       The Shipping and Return Process


Understanding Oracle Receivables

·       The Auto invoice Process Entering Manual Invoices Entering and Applying Receipts

·       iReceivables and the Collection Process

·       How Accounting Flows to the General Ledger


Understanding Cash Management Key Concepts of Bank Reconciliation

·       Key Concepts of Cash Forecasting Cash Management Reports


Understanding Related Financial Understand Related Financial

·       Governance, Risk and Compliance Suite Internet Expenses

·       Lease Management

·       Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Treasury

·       Enterprise Project Management, Including Project Costing and Project Billing Portfolio Analysis

·       Property Manager Overview