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Introduction to Oracle Reports Developer

·       Business Intelligence

·       Enterprise Reporting

·       Oracle Reports Developer

·       Oracle Database 10g

·       Oracle Developer Suite 10g

·       Oracle Application Server 10g

·       OracleAS Reports Services

·       OracleAS Reports Services Architecture for the Web

·       Designing and Running Reports

·       Understanding User Requirements


Designing Reports

·       Tabular

·       Master-Detail

·       Master with Two Details

·       Matrix

·       Retrieving and Sharing Data

·       Running a Report


Exploring Oracle Reports Developer

·       Reports Developer Executables

·       Invoking Reports Builder

·       Reports Builder Modules

·       Report Data and Layout

·       Reports Builder Components

·       Object Navigator

·       Report-Level Objects

·       Data Model Objects


Creating a Paper Report

·       Report Module Components

·       Building a Paper Report

·       Viewing the Paper Report Output

·       Saving the Report Definition

·       Reentering the Wizard

·       Creating Break Reports

·       Break Report Labels

·       Creating Mailing Labels and Letters


Enhancing a Basic Paper Report

·       What Is the Paper Design?

·       The Paper Design Window

·       Modifying a Report

·       Aligning Columns

·       Setting a Format Mask

·       Manipulating Objects

·       Modifying Visual Attributes

·       Applying Conditional Formatting


Managing Report Templates

·       Using Report Templates

·       Modifying a Template

·       Customizing the Template Margin

·       Customizing the Template Body

·       Adding Web Links to a Template for Report HTML Output

·       Predefining Your Own Templates

·       Adding a Template Preview Image


Creating a Web Report

·       What Is JSP Technology?

·       JSP Advantages

·       Simple JSP Example

·       Building a Web Report

·       Using the Report Wizard

·       Report Editor: Web Source View

·       JSP Tags

·       Web Source Example


Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Queries and Groups

·       The Data Model Objects

·       Modifying Properties of a Query

·       Applying Changes

·       Changing the Group Structure

·       Group Hierarchy

·       Ordering Data in a Group

·       Query Modifications

·       Filtering Data in a Group

·       Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Data Sources

·       Data Source Types

·       Pluggable Data Sources

·       Using XML as a Data Source

·       Document Type Definition File

·       OLAP Data Source

·       Using Text as a Data Source

·       Using JDBC as a Data Source

·       Using REF Cursor Queries


Enhancing Reports Using the Data Model: Creating Columns

·       Data Model Columns

·       Maintaining Data Source Columns

·       Producing File Content Output

·       Creating a Column

·       Creating Summary Columns

·       Displaying Subtotals

·       Displaying Percentages

·       Creating a Formula Column


Enhancing Reports Using the Paper Layout

·       Viewing the Paper Layout

·       Designing Multipanel Reports

·       Printing Multipanel Reports

·       Different Objects in the Paper Layout

·       The Paper Layout Layers

·       Report Processing

·       Paper Layout Tools

·       Report Bursting


Controlling the Paper Layout: Common Properties

·       Modifying Paper Layout Object Properties

·       Common Layout Properties

·       Sizing Objects

·       Anchors

·       Layout Object Relationships

·       Pagination Icons in the Paper Layout

·       Controlling Print Frequency

·       Using Format Triggers

·       Controlling the Paper Layout: Specific Properties

·       Properties of a Repeating Frame

·       Specifying Print Direction

·       Controlling the Number of Records per Page

·       Controlling Spacing Between Records

·       Minimum Widow Records

·       System Variables

·       Valid Source Columns

·       Displaying File Contents


Web Reporting

·       Comparing Static and Dynamic Reporting

·       Adding Dynamic Content

·       Creating a Report Block

·       Invoking the Report Block Wizard

·       Examining the Web Source Code

·       rw:foreach Tag

·       rw:field Tag

·       Customizing Reports JSPs


Extending Functionality Using XML

·       Why Use XML Report Definitions?

·       Creating XML Report Definitions

·       Partial Report Definitions: Format Modification Example

·       Partial Report Definitions: Format Exception Example

·       Full Report Definition: Data Model Modification Example

·       Running XML Report Definitions

·       Debugging XML Report Definitions


Creating and Using Report Parameters

·       Creating User Parameters

·       Referencing Parameters in a Report Query

·       Using Bind References

·       Using Lexical References

·       Hints and Tips When Referencing Parameters

·       Creating a List of Values

·       Referencing System Parameters

·       Building a Paper Parameter Form


Embedding a Graph in a Report

·       Adding a Graph to a Paper Report

·       Adding a Graph to a Web Report

·       Selecting the Graph Type

·       Selecting the Graph Data

·       Adding Options to the Graph

·       Customizing Web Graphs

·       The rw:graph Tag

·       Customizing Graphs Using the Graph.XML File


Enhancing Matrix Reports

·       The Matrix Data Model

·       The Matrix Paper Layout

·       Creating Matrix Summaries

·       Creating the Matrix Manually

·       The Matrix with Group Data Model

·       The Matrix with Group Layout

·       Building a Nested Matrix

·       Nested Matrix Paper Layout

·       Coding PL/SQL Triggers

·       Types of Triggers in Reports

·       Trigger Code

·       Using Report Triggers

·       Using Data Model Triggers: PL/SQL Group Filter

·       Using Data Model Triggers: Parameter Validation

·       Using Layout Triggers

·       Using Format Triggers

·       Event-Based Reporting


Extending Functionality Using the SRW Package

·       Contents of the SRW Package

·       Outputting Messages

·       Executing a Nested Report

·       Restricting Data

·       Initializing Fields

·       Creating a Table of Contents

·       Performing DDL Statements

·       Setting Format Attributes


Maximizing Performance Using OracleAS Reports Services

·       Running Reports Using OracleAS Reports Services

·       Report Request Methods

·       Oracle Application Server Components

·       Enabling Single Sign-On Access

·       Running the Web Layout: JSP Run-time Architecture

·       Running the Paper Layout: Servlet Run-time Architecture

·       Running a Paper Report on the Web

·       Queue Manager


Building Reports: Efficiency Guidelines

·       Tuning Reports

·       Performance Measurement

·       Non SQL Data Sources

·       Investigating the Data Model

·       Investigating the Paper Layout

·       Running the Report

·       Different Development and Run-Time Environments

·       Developing Reports to Run in Different GUIs