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Introducing Oracle BI Discoverer 11g

·       Challenges faced in managing BI applications

·       Evolving role of Business Intelligence

·       Addressing BI Requirements- Portfolio Approach

·       Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g- An Overview

·       Fusion Middleware BI Solution

·       Components of Oracle BI Discoverer 11g


Getting Started with Ad Hoc Queries Using Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Data Warehouse Versus Transactional System

·       Using Discoverer with a Data Warehouse or a Transactional Database

·       End Users

·       Getting helpful Information

·       Key Terminology

·       Creating Reports

·       Editing the query output by Sorting, Pivoting, Adding and Deleting items

·       Customizing Display properties of reports


Managing Relational Queries

·       Managing Workbooks and Worksheets

·       Adding New Worksheets

·       Viewing and Modifying Worksheet Properties

·       Setting Query Management, Query Execution, and Query Governor Options

·       Using Discoverer URL Parameters


Creating Advanced Reports Using Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Using Conditional Formatting

·       Using Predefined Conditions

·       Creating and Managing Conditions

·       Creating A Parameterized Report

·       Creating Parameters

·       Passing Parameters to a Condition

·       Using Cascading Parameters


Using Advanced Calculations and Summary Functions with Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Creating Totals, Subtotals, and Percentages

·       Creating Simple and Complex Calculations

·       Using Analytic Function Template in Calculations

·       Using Calculations in Conditions

·       Passing a Parameter Value to a Condition


Using Graphs to Present Data in Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Viewing Graphs to Display Worksheet Data

·       Editing Graphs

·       Using the Toolbar Options to Edit Graphs


Analyzing Data Using Drills in Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Identifying Different Types of Drilling

·       Drilling up Or Drilling down along a predefined hierarchy

·       Drilling to a Related Item

·       Drilling to Detail

·       Drilling to a Link


Scheduling and Distributing Reports Using Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Scheduling Reports- An Overview

·       Scheduling A Workbook in Discoverer Plus Relational

·       Managing Scheduled Workbooks

·       Sharing Scheduled Workbooks

·       Exporting the Query Results to Various Formats- MS Excel, HTML, PDF, Web Query for MS Excel, and so on.

·       Printing Query Results


Describing the OLAP Data Model

·       Describing the Differences between Relational and Multidimensional Data Models

·       Describing the Primary data types associated with the OLAP Data models :

·       Dimensions

·       Measures

·       Cubes

·       Hierarchies

·       Analytic Workspace, and so on.


Getting Started with Discoverer Plus OLAP

·       Creating a workbook, and a worksheet using Discoverer Plus OLAP

·       Creating and Editing OLAP Queries

·       Creating and Using Saved Selections

·       Creating and Using Calculations

·       Modifying the Layout and Format of Crosstabs and Graphs


Building Advanced Reports Using Discoverer Plus OLAP

·       Adding new worksheets

·       Creating reports based on ranking and exception criteria

·       Adding visual cues (stoplights) to the report that highlight specific data ranges

·       Creating reports using time-series calculations

·       Creating and using calculated (custom) members in a report


Distributing Business Intelligence through Discoverer Viewer and Discoverer Portlets

·       Understanding distribution options for Discoverer Plus reports