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Overview of Enterprise Work Structures

·       Explaining the Oracle HRMS information model

·       Indicating the typical types of enterprise


Understanding Work Structure Components 1

·       Providing an overview of work structures

·       Explaining how to represent the employer using work structures

·       Explaining business groups and emphasize that they represent legislations in Oracle HRMS


Understanding Work Structure Components 2

·       Discussing locations, organizations, jobs, and positions


Understanding Work Structure Components 3

·       Discussing grades, people groups, unions, and representative groups


Setting up Enterprise Work Structures

·       Defining Key Flexfields

·       Explaining key flexfields in Oracle HRMS

·       Identifying the standard features of key flexfields

·       Discussing the points to consider while creating key flexfields


Creating a Business Group

·       Representing your enterprise

·       Discussing the business group and the option of having single and multiple business groups

·       Sharing information across business groups

·       Recording standard information for a business group


Creating Locations

·       Providing an overview of locations

·       Defining and deleting locations


Creating Organizations

·       Explaining organizations within a business group

·       Creating, classifying, and deleting organizations

·       Entering additional information for organizations

·       Identifying organization manager

·       Creating organization hierarchies


Representing Financial Reporting Structure

·       Providing an overview of representing financial reporting structures

·       Recording costing information

·       Discussing parallel reporting structures (HR and GL) and integration of these parallel reporting structures

·       Automatically create HR organizations based on GL Account Combinations


Representing Government Reporting Structures (US)

·       Discussing the reporting requirements

·       Preparing for Government–Mandated HR Reporting


Representing Jobs and Positions

·       Explaining using jobs and positions

·       Describing job structures, jobs, and job groups

·       Discussing additional information for jobs and supplementary roles

·       Describing position structures, positions, position control, and position transactions

·       Discussing additional information for positions

·       Changing job and position definitions


Position Hierarchies

·       Defining and changing position hierarchies


Mass Move Updates

·       Reorganizing and mass moving positions, assignments, and organizations


Understanding Checklists

·       Benefits of using Checklists

·       How Checklists work

·       About Checklist-task performers

·       Setting up Checklists


Setting up Workers Compensation (US)

·       Providing an overview of workers compensation in Oracle HRMS

·       Discussing work classification codes and rates