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Getting Started with Oracle APEX on the Oracle Autonomous Database

·       Creating and Managing a Workspace

·       Getting Started with Oracle APEX Service

·       Creating and Managing APEX Service


Using SQL Workshop

·       Create and modify database objects

·       Run SQL Commands and Scripts

·       Load and Unload data using the Data Workshop Utility

·       Generate SQL using Quick SQL


Creating a Database Application

·       Create a database application based on existing tables

·       Create a database application from a file

·       Create applications for mobile devices


Working with Pages and Regions

·       Create different page types and regions

·       Manage pages in Page Designer

·       Manage page attributes

·       Add Page Components


Developing Reports

·       Create an interactive report

·       Create an interactive grid

·       Create a classic report

·       Create a report with form

·       Create a faceted search page

·       Use and customize interactive report as an end user

·       Manage interactive report attributes

·       Configure the display of interactive report controls as a developer

·       Manage interactive grid attributes

·       Customize the Interactive Grid Toolbar

·       Customize interactive grid as an end user

·       Customize faceted search region and facet behavior


Creating and Using Forms

·       Create an editable interactive grid

·       Create a simple form and link a report to this form

·       Create different types of master detail forms

·       Modify a form


Creating Application Page Controls

·       Create and use page-level items and buttons


Adding Computations, Processes, and Validations

·       Create computations

·       Create page processes

·       Create validations


Implementing Navigation in your Application

·       Create, edit, and use the following shared components that aid navigation in an application:

·       Lists

·       Navigation Menus

·       Breadcrumbs

·       Navigation bar entries


Managing Application Data

·       Manage REST Enabled SQL References

·       Manage Web Source Modules


Using Themes and Theme Styles

·       Create and use a new theme

·       Use Theme Styles

·       Use Theme Roller, and Live Template Options


Implementing Security in your Application

·       Create and use an authentication scheme for your application

·       Create and attach an authorization scheme to your application, page, or components


Adding Additional Pages to your Application

·       Create, customize, and use the following pages in your application:

·       Oracle JET Charts

·       Calendars

·       Trees


Creating and Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-ins

·       Create and use Dynamic Actions

·       Implement Plug-ins in your application


Migrating Application Development between Environments

·       Export the application definition, underlying database objects, and data from your development environment and import in the target development environment

·       Perform One-click Remote Application Deployment