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Introduction to DevOps


DevOps Culture in an Organization


Test-Driven Development

·       Pyhton

·       Java


Developing Apps Using IDEs

·       Oracle Developer Cloud Service

·       Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse


Managing Projects with Maven

·       Oracle Developer Cloud Service


Agile and Project Management

·       Oracle Developer Cloud Service


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery


Infrastructure Concepts

·       Oracle Compute Cloud Service/IaaS


Introduction to Configuration Management


Infrastructure as Code

·       Using Orchestration JSONs to Set Up Infrastructure

·       Oracle Compute Cloud Service


Deploying Chef on Oracle Compute Cloud Service Instances

·       Oracle Compute Cloud Service


Introduction to Chef


Working with the Chef Server


Role of QA in DevOps


Testing Low-Level APIs (REST) Using cURL


Automation and Orchestration


Continuous Monitoring


Managing the Modern Cloud and Empowering DevOps