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Customer Portal Tools

·       Use Site Administration tools using .NET console (Agent Desktop)

·       Use CP admin area, identify CP environments and understand deployment processes


Customer Portal - Basic Customizations

·       Understand the structure of a CP page and modify page params, logic and settings

·       Describe the importance of Internationalization

·       Customize and manage Templates, Pages, and Themes


Customer Portal - Widgets and Scripting

·       Create and manage a widgets

·       Describe Client-side scripting and event handling and its use in widgets

·       Describe Controllers and their uses and uses of AJAX for widget/controller interaction


Customer Portal - Advanced Customizations

·       Describe a model and its uses including the use of Hooks

·       Describe the purpose of the Connect Common Object Model

·       Describe the uses of Connect for PHP in CP

·       Create Custom Objects

·       Use Inlays


Integration and Customization - Agent Desktop

·       Configure and customize Custom Objects, custom fields and custom attributes

·       Use the Connect webservices with desktop add-ins

·       Use primary objects and sub-objects


Integration and Customization - ROQL Queries

·       Execute ROQL Queries including Special Queries


Integration & Customization - Connect Web Services for PHP\SOAP\REST

·       Describe CRUD Operations using Web Services for SOAP

·       Generate Bulk, Batch, and Chain Operations

·       Run Analytics Reports using Connect for SOAP

·       Get Values for NamedID Objects

·       Use the Knowledge Foundation API

·       Use the Connect REST API


Integration and Customization - Desktop Integration

·       Explain Add-In Deployment Methods

·       Work with Records and Automation

·       Connect Web Services for SOAP with Add-Ins including troubleshooting

·       Use Javascript and the Browser control for integration

·       (New) Use the Browser UI Extensions API


Integration and Customization - General

·       Customize Mobile Sites and pageset mappings

·       Work with Custom Process Models

·       Configure CP Security

·       Explain Clickstream and reporting

·       Implement the Scripts/custom folders

·       Create debugging within B2C Service