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Introduction to Salary, Awards, and Absences

·       Introduction to Salary, Awards, and Absences

·       Administering salaries

·       Mapping compensation surveys

·       Using Grade/Step progression

·       Learning about Compensation Workbench

·       Understanding Individual Compensation Distribution

·       Understanding Total Compensation

·       Managing Absences


Implementing Salary Administration

·       Implementing Salary Administration

·       Setting up Salary Administration

·       Creating salary elements

·       Defining Salary basis

·       Creating salary components

·       Understanding predefined salary components

·       Understanding salary approvals


Using Salary Administration

·       Using Salary Administration

·       Assigning salary basis

·       Entering salaries

·       Proposing salary changes

·       Correcting/deleting salary records

·       Reviewing salaries

·       Using the Salary Management Folder

·         Web ADI and Salary Management


Grades and Pay Administration

·       Grades and Pay Administration - Overview

·       Learning about models of pay administration

·       Understanding grade implementation approaches

·       Understanding Non-automatic step progression approach

·       Setting up Grade/Step progression

·       Setting up grade ladder

·       Administering grade/step progression

·       Making manual grade step progression


Configuring Criteria-Based Rates for Variable Pay

·       Why use Criteria-Based rates?

·       Setting up Criteria-based rate

·       Eligibility criteria for criteria-based rates

·       Defining criteria rate

·       Setting up rate matrix


Performing Compensation Surveys

·       Understanding compensation surveys

·       Compensation survey identifier

·       Entering compensation surveys

·       Defining compensation survey lines

·       Mapping compensation survey lines


Compensation Workbench (CWB)

·       Overview

·       Understanding compensation workbench

·       Setting up CWB plans

·       Setting up global plans, component plans, and combination plans

·       Define steps to display market salary survey data

·       Controlling access and eligibility in compensation workbench


Worksheet and Budget Sheet Configuration in Compensation Workbench

·       Displaying rates

·       Validating jobs, grades, and positions

·       Displaying columns

·       Configuring flexfields

·       Configuring custom and dynamic columns

·         Displaying performance appraisal details in CWB


Compensation Workbench Plan Administration

·       Opening a Compensation Workbench Award Cycle

·       Publishing budgets

·       Adding individuals into a started compensation workbench cycle

·       Writing allocated amounts from the compensation workbench cycle

·       Refreshing compensation workbench data

·       Generating mass notifications

·       Generating compensation workbench reports for managers

·       Generating compensation workbench reports for administrators


Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD)

·       ICD for administrators, HR Professionals, and line managers

·       ICD plan administration

·       Creating ICD plans using Quick Setup

·       Assigning awards using ICD

·       Approval chain for ICD

·       Using the Employee Administration portal for ICD transactions


Configuring Total Compensation Statement

·       Categorizing a compensation statement

·       Explaining total compensation statement

·       Deciding on compensation source

·       Setting up total compensation statement

·       Processing total compensation statements


Vehicle and Mileage processing

·       Vehicle repository entry process

·       Vehicle allocation process

·       Mileage claims process

·       Setting up mileage claims


Setting up Absence Management

·       Absence management components

·       Defining absence elements

·       Setting up absence management

·       Absence entry and reporting


Understanding the Accrual Plan Structure

·       Accrual plan rules

·       Configuring plans rules

·       Setting up PTO accrual plans

·       Administering accrual plans

·       Enrolling employees in accrual plans

·       Viewing accrual information

·       Adapting the predefined accrual formulas and rules

·         Understanding accrual formulas