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Introduction to Compensation and Benefits

·       Total Compensation Framework

·       Introduction to Benefits Management

·       Introduction to Compensation Management


Total Compensation Elements

·       Introducing Elements

·       Defining Elements

·       Controlling Eligibility and Costing for Elements

·       Planning Methods of Entry

·       Using Batch Element Entry


Participant Eligibility

·       Introducing Eligibility

·       Defining Derived Eligibility Factors

·       Defining Participant Eligibility Profiles


Compensation Objects

·       Introducing the Compensation Object Hierarchy

·       Defining Plan Types and Options

·       Defining Plans and Programs

·       Running Plan Design Copy


Standard and Variable Rates

·       Defining Standard Contributions and Distributions

·       Defining Variable Rate Profiles


System Extract

·       Defining a System Extract: Overview and Layout Definition

·       Defining System Extract Criteria

·       Running a System Extract

·       Using HR/Payroll Extracts