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Introduction to Cloud Computing and Oracle Analytics Cloud Services

·       Cloud Computing Overview

·       Introduction to Oracle Analytics Cloud


Accessing and Organizing Content

·       Finding and Exploring Your Content

·       Renaming Items

·       Sharing Items


Create Analyses and Apply Sorts

·       Managing Columns and Hierarchies

·       Create Analyses

·       Sorting Values in Views

·       Access and Apply Multiple Sorts


Views in Analyses

·       Displaying Data in a Table

·       Edit Analysis Properties

·       Work with Totals and Subtotals

·       Working with Pivot Tables

·       Calculated Item Versus Calculated Group

·       Trellis View, Tree Map, Ticker



·       Column Styles

·       Column Format

·       Conditional Format

·       Advanced Data Formats


Filters and Selection Steps

·       Drill In Results

·       Create a Filter

·       Group Filters to Limit Data in Analyses

·       Apply a Condition


Prompts and Variables

·       Repository Variables

·       Presentation Variables

·       Create a Prompt Filter

·       Create a Column Prompt

·       Create a Presentation Variable Prompt


Use Master Detail Views, Map Views and Action Links

·       Linking Views in Master Details Relationships

·       Background Maps

·       Add a Map View

·       Interactive Analyses

·       Create Inline Actions


Working with Expressions

·       Aggregate Functions

·       Time Series Functions

·       Use the Bin Function


Unions and Direct Data Warehouse Access

·       Set Operators

·       Create Additional Subject Area and Queries for a Union


Create Dashboards and Add Content to Dashboard

·       Introduction to Dashboards

·       Dashboard Pages and Page Options

·       Personal and Shared Dashboards

·       Using Dashboard Builder

·       Drill In Place


Using Filters to Limit Data in Analyses

·       Using Filters to Limit Data in Analyses

·       Grouping Filters to Limit Data in Analyses

·       Deleting Dashboard Pages


Using Master-Detail Views, Map Views, and Action Links

·       Linking Views in Master-Detail Relationships

·       Map Views


Creating Dashboards

·       Introduction to Dashboards

·       Creating Personal Dashboard

·       Creating Shared Dashboard


Adding Content to Dashboards

·       Using Dashboard Builder

·       Dashboard Builder Tools

·       Dashboard Properties


Adding Actions to Dashboards

·       Create inline Action Link

·       Edit and Remove Action Link

·       Action Link Menu


Create Dashboard Prompt

·       Create Column Prompt

·       Managing Multiple prompts

·       Prompt Buttons


Create and Publish Model

·       Overview of Data Modeler

·       Create Fact and Dimensional Tables

·       Create a Time Dimension

·       Create Hierarchies and Calculated Measures

·       Synchronize Model with Database


OAC Developer Client Tool

·       Install and Configure

·       Create a Data Model

·       Create a Business Model

·       Create Joins and Hierarchies

·       Differences Between Data Modeler & Developer Client