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·       Repository Basics          

·       Building the Physical Layer of a Repository           

·       Building the Business Model and Mapping Layer of a Repository          

·       Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository          

·       Testing and Validating a Repository          

·       Managing Logical Table Sources          

·       Adding Calculations to a Fact          

·       Working with Logical Dimensions          

·       Enabling Usage Tracking          

·       Using Model Checker and Aggregates          

·       Using Partitions and Fragments          

·       Using Repository Variables           

·       Modeling Time Series Data          

·       Modeling Many-to-Many Relationships          

·       Setting an Implicit Fact Column          

·       Importing Metadata from Multidimensional Data Sources          

·       Security          

·       Cache Management          

·       Managing Metadata and Working with Service Instances         

·       Using Administration Tool Utilities          

·       Multiuser Development          

·       Performing a Patch Merge