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·       Installing and Setting Up the Warehouse Builder Environment Getting Started with Warehouse Builder

·       Understanding the Warehouse Builder Architecture Defining Source Metadata

·       Defining ETL Mappings for Staging Data Using the Data Transformation Operators

·       Cleansing and Match-Merging Name and Address Data Using Process Flows

·       Deploying and Reporting on ETL Jobs Using the Mapping Debugger Enhancing ETL Performance

·       Managing Backups, Development Changes, and Security

·       Integrating with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) Administrative Tasks in Warehouse Builder

·       Managing Metadata Accessing Non-Oracle Sources

·       Designing Mappings with the Oracle Data Integration Enterprise Edition License

·       Right-Time Data Warehousing with OWB Defining Relational Models

·       More Relational Dimensional Modeling

·       Modeling Multidimensional OLAP Dimensions and Cubes