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Getting Started with Rules/User Interface in Intelligent Advisor (IA)

·       Describe a Policy Modeling Project and main Intelligent Advisor components

·       Describe options for running and testing a policy model


Attributes and Attribute Text

·       Define variable attributes and use them in logical comparisons

·       Demonstrate the appropriate use of value lists in attributes

·       Construct Boolean and non-Boolean attributes from difficult source material

·       Define appropriate attribute phrasing and understand reparsing scenarios


Writing Rules and negations

·       Identify the various components of a rule and verify how rules link together

·       Identify the appropriate styles to use when writing rules

·       Validate and check rules

·       Explain how to avoid using multiple conclusions


Conclusions and Conditions

·       Identify conclusions and conditions in source material

·       Use tables for Rules using Word and Excel understanding which to use

·       Analyze networks of rules, including attribute levels


Grouping Operators and Intermediate Attributes

·       Explain the correct uses of AND and OR in the same rule, using a grouping operator

·       Write more complex rules in Microsoft Word using grouping words or phrases


Comparisons and calculations in rules

·       Compare one attribute to another attribute as a condition of a rule

·       Use functions in the rule conclusion

·       Use complex expressions to perform calculations in a rule

Entities and Relationships

·       Explain entities, entity-level attributes and entity relationships


When to use Entities and Reasoning with Entities

·       Model entity rules from source material

·       Identify reasoning from one entity to another

·       Create rules that use relationships/infer entities

·       Use built-in entity functions in rules


Testing Rules

·       Create and save basic test cases

·       Test entities/relationships and interviews in the debugger


Creating Interviews

·       Create a basic interview

·       Control the interactions on and between screens

·       Create interview screens that collect entity instances and entity-level data


Enhancing Interviews

·       Explain the purpose and use of goals and checkpoints in an interview

·       Use controls for creating Interview screens including conditional logic

·       Describe how Policy models can be used in other languages (limitations, coverage, etc.)

·       Data Validation

·       Prevent or warn a user from entering invalid data or combinations of data based on inferred logic


Explanations, Audit Reports and Forms

·       Differentiate explanations and audit reports, and where they should be used

·       Intelligent Advisor Hub Deployments, Users, and Security

·       Administer users, deployments and projects on the Intelligent Advisor Hub

·       Deploy and update projects on the Hub from the Policy Modeler

·       Data Mapping, Integration, Connector Framework and mobile

·       Set up data mappings for a B2C Service interview (input/output)

·       Automate decisions with a web service

·       Explain the features of Intelligent Advisor mobile applications and related APIs

·       Embedding an Interview in Customer Portal, Agent Desktop and Chat

·       Embed an interview in Customer Portal, Agent Desktop and BUI, and Chat

·       Collaboration

·       Understand collaboration features and viewing/rollback of changes on team projects



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