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R12.1 Payroll Configuration - Introduction

·       Objectives

·       Topics


Payroll Configuration Fundamentals

·       Paying Your Employees

·       Choosing Single or Multiple Payment Methods

·       Choosing Single or Multiple Currencies

·       Choosing Single or Multiple Payrolls

·       Understanding the Criteria that Define a Payroll


Defining Payrolls for Your Organization

·       Understanding Payment Method Types

·       Defining Payment Methods

·       Consolidating Results for Several Payrolls

·       Defining a Payroll

·       Understanding Pay Calendars

·       Entering Further Information for a Payroll

·       Allocating a Payroll Contact


Maintaining PAYE and NI

·       PAYE and NI

·       Essential Information for PAYE and NI

·       Sources of Essential Information

·       Entering PAYE and NI Details for an Employee

·       Entering NI Details for a Director


Maintaining Other Deductions

·       Maintaining Student Loans

·       Maintaining Tax Credits


Costing Overview

·       The Oracle HRMS Costing Solution

·       Cost Distribution in HR

·       Handling Rule-based Costing

·       Managing Exceptions to Costing Rules


Processing Costs

·       Overview of Costing and the Payroll Process

·       Costing Processes in Oracle Payroll

·       Making Partial Period Accruals

·       Previewing Cost Allocations

·       Sub-ledger Accounting

·       Running Retro-Costing

·       Costing Your Payments

·       Processing Costs