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·       Select appropriate compute choices

·       Configure compute instances

·       Configure Autoscaling

·       Describe OCI compute image options

·       Describe and configure OS Management

·       Understand Infrastructure Maintenance


Implement and manage Virtual Cloud Networks

·       Describe public and private subnets

·       Describe public and private IP addresses and virtual NICs

·       Configure Virtual Cloud Network Routing and Gateways

·       Configure Security Lists and Network Security Groups


Implement and manage VCN connectivity

·       Understand VCN connectivity options

·       Configure site-to-site VPN

·       Describe Fast connect

·       Configure Local and Remote Peering


Configure DNS and Traffic Management

·       Describe Public and Private DNS zones

·       Configure Traffic Management


Explain Load Balancing

·       Describe and configure a layer-7 Load Balancer

·       Describe and configure a layer-4 Network Load Balancer


Deploy and manage Block Storage

·       Understand Block Volume performance tiers

·       Deploy Block and Boot Volumes

·       Configure Volume Groups, Backups, Clones

·       Configure cross-region replication


Configure and manage Object Storage

·       Understand Object Storage tiers

·       Describe Object Storage Security

·       Implement Object Storage versioning, life cycle management and retention rules

·       Configure Multipart uploads

·       Understand Object Storage replication


Implement and manage File Storage

·       Configure File Storage

·       Describe File Storage security

·       Understand File System Snapshots and Cloning

·       Understand File System usage and metering



·       Introduction to Database Systems and Autonomous Databases

·       Database Systems  and Autonomous Databases Operations and Maintenance

·       Monitor Databases Services

·       Understand External Database Service

·       Setting DB Timezone

·       Understand Database Migration


Observability and Management

·       Understand Observability and Management platform

·       Configure Monitoring and set alarms

·       Configure Logging


 Identity and Access Management

·       Understand AuthN and AuthZ

·       Implement compartments

·       Implement conditional and advanced policies

·       Configure Dynamic Groups and Tag based access control



·       Understand security services

·       Configure Cloud Guard, Security Zone and Security Advisor (change from Data Guard)

·       Describe and Configure OCI Vault

·       Describe and Configure Bastion