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Cloud Native Fundamentals

·       Explain the fundamentals of cloud native and discuss the key pillars of cloud native development

·       Explain the microservices architecture and discuss the design methodology of microservices

Cloud Native Applications and Containerization

·       Explain docker and the concepts around its architecture and components

·       Use OCIR to pull and push container images

·       Explain DevOps and discuss the role of container orchestration

·       2.4 Develop and deploy containerized applications on OKE

Leveraging Serverless Technologies for Cloud Native Development

·       Develop Serverless Application with Oracle Functions

·       Create API gateways to process traffic from API clients and route it to back-end services

·       Create integration between systems using OCI streaming service

·       Build event-driven serverless applications using OCI event service


Testing and Securing Cloud Native Applications

·       Explain cloud native testing and discuss measures for testing cloud native applications

·       Discuss various strategies for testing cloud native applications

·       Use OCI Vault service to securely store and manage encryption keys and sensitive configuration information

·       Apply security measures to overcome challenges with cloud native development


Monitoring & Troubleshooting Cloud Native Applications

·       Utilize OCI Monitoring service to view metrics

·       Use OCI Logging service to enable, manage, and search logs

·       Perform Tasks around Monitoring, Logging, and Tracing