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Overview of Implementing Advanced Benefits

·       Introducing Advanced Benefits

·       Reviewing a Sample Implementation and Enrollment

·       Following the Implementation Steps


Life Events

·       Defining Life Events

·       Defining Collapsing Life Events

·       Linking Life Events to Compensation Objects


Benefits Enrollment Requirements

·       Introducing Enrollment Requirements

·       Defining Program and Plan Enrollment Requirements

·       Defining Action Items and Certifications

·       Managing Suspended Elections and Interim Coverage’s


Dependent and Beneficiary Designation

·       Dependent Coverage Eligibility Profiles

·       Dependent Designation Requirements

·       Beneficiary Designations


Activity Rates and Coverage Calculations

·       Defining Variable Rate Profiles

·       Defining Coverage Calculations

·       Defining Actual Premiums

·       Setting up Benefits Elements

·       Defining Standard Contributions and Distributions


Flex Credits and Benefits Pools

·       Defining Flex Credits

·       Defining Benefits Pools


Benefits Communications

·       Defining a Communication Type


Online Benefits Services

·       Setting up the Benefits Service Center


U.S. Benefits Regulations

·       Setting Up Imputed Income Plans

·       Introducing COBRA

·       Defining COBRA Programs and Plans

·       Defining COBRA Life Events and Eligibility Profiles

·       Defining COBRA Activity Rates

·       Generating HIPAA Certificates


Benefits Enrollment

·       Running the Participation Process

·       Managing Life Events

·       Enrolling Participants

·       Covering Dependents and Designating Beneficiaries

·       Reviewing Enrollment Results


Total Compensation Setup Wizard

·       Using the Total Compensation Setup Wizard