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Identity and Access Management

·        IAM Basics

·        Instance Principals

·        Advanced Policies

·        Scoping Access with Permissions or API Operations

·        Federation

·        Reference IAM Model: Compartments


Virtual Cloud Network

·        Service Gateway

·        Private IP as Route Target

·        VCN Peering

·        Edge Security

·        Securing Your VCN

·        Virtual Firewall Instances

·        Virtual Cloud Network Best Practices


Connectivity - IPsec VPN

·        Connectivity Options

·        Connectivity to On-Premises Network Planning

·        VPN Basics

·        IPsec VPN

·        OCI VPN

·        OCI VPN Redundancy Models

·        Typical Networking Scenarios

·        Public and Private Subnets with VPN

·        VPN IPsec Connectivity


Connectivity - FastConnect

·        Why Do You Need Dedicated Connectivity to Cloud?

·        FastConnect Connectivity Options

·        FastConnect Use Case Scenarios x

·        Private & Public Peering Network Design

·        BGP Advertisement and Traffic-flow

·        FastConnect Redundancy

·        IPsec VPN and FastConnect

·        Hybrid Architectures Using FastConnect

·        Intercloud Connectivity

·        Multi-Cloud Connectivity Using FastConnect



·        Compute: Bare Metal and Virtual Machines

·        High Availability and Disaster Recovery

·        Instance Configurations and Pools

·        Instance Console Connections

·        Custom Images

·        Bring Your Own Image (BYOI)

·        NVIDIA GPU Images

·        Cloud-Init and Metadata

·        Instance Metadata



·        OCI Storage Services

·        Local NVMe SSD Devices

·        Block Volume

·        File Storage Service

·        Object Storage Service

·        Partner Backup Options

·        Data Backup and Migration Options

·        OCI Storage Gateway

·        Data Transfer Service


Load Balancer

·        Session Persistence

·        Request Routing (Virtual Hostnames and Path Routing)

·        SSL Handling



·        dbcli on OCI Database Systems

·        Database Sizing Templates

·        Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage with Database

·        Troubleshooting Database Backup Failures

·        Collecting Database and Diagnostic Information to Resolve Errors

·        Migrating Databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

·        Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) for Oracle Databases on OCI