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Registering Applications

·       Identify deployment use cases

·       Register applications


Understanding the Information Model

·       Describe the information model

·       Create and manage data chain objects

·       Manage properties


Changing Enterprise Data with Requests

·       Describe requests

·       Create and submit requests


Creating Alternate Views and Viewpoints

·       Describe use cases for alternate views and viewpoints

·       Create views and viewpoints

·       Describe binding and archiving data chain objects

·       Create unbound dimensions


Configuring Custom Validations

·       Describe custom validations

·       Configure custom validations


Sharing Data across Applications

·       Describe data sharing and alignment across applications

·       Create node type converters

·       Share and align data in viewpoints

·       Create lookup sets


Mapping Data across Applications

·       Describe use cases for mapping data

·       Create mapping data chains

·       Create mapping keys

·       Map data across applications


Synchronizing Data across Applications

·       Create subscriptions

·       Describe the subscription request process

·       Work with subscription requests

Governing Data across Applications

·       Describe data governance (including workflow actions and collaboration features)

·       Configure approval policies (including enrichment feature)

·       Work with requests and approval policies

Importing and Exporting Enterprise Data

·       Import dimensions

·       Export and extract enterprise data

Administering EDMC

·       Provision users and groups

·       Describe permissions and permission levels

·       Assign data permissions

·       Create and use migration snapshots

·       Automate tasks

·       Work with templates