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Introduction to SSHR

·       Overview

·       Understanding Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR)

·       Understanding Professional User Interfaces versus Self-Service User Interfaces

·       Understanding Integration of SSHR and Professional User Interface

·       Learning about Self-Service Functionality in HRMS

·       Integration of SSHR with a Third-Party Application

·       Learning about Configuration Tools for SSHR


Self-Service Basics

·       SSHR Basics

·       Understanding e-Business Suite Architecture

·       Understanding Operation of Web-Based Functions

·       Understanding SSHR Implementation Steps


User Access and Security

·       Understanding User Access and Security in SSHR

·       Defining User Access

·       Comparing Employee/Worker and Manager Access

·       Creating Users

·       Associating User with Person


User Access to People

·       Understanding User Access to People in SSHR

·       Using Security Profiles

·       Using the Release Information Function

·       Searching for People

·       Using the SSHR My List page

·       Using the Change Manager Function and Hierarchy Page


Implementation Steps

·       Understanding SSHR Implementation Steps

·       Preparing Environment for SSHR

·       Configuring HRMS Applications

·       Understanding User Access Setup

·       Configuring Workflow Processes and Page Layouts


Configuring SSHR

·       Configuring Menus and Responsibilities

·       Configuring Functions

·       Adding Custom Functions to Menus

·       Adding Custom Functions

·       Adding Custom Functions to Menus

·       Changing the Manager Entry Pages


Using the Workflow Builder

·       Working with the Workflow Builder

·       Working with Workflow Item Types

·       Changing Workflow Objects

·       Chaining Workflow Processes

·       Chaining Self-Service Activities

·       Changing a Process Flow


Configuring Web Page Layouts

·       Configuring Self-Service Web Pages

·       Understanding Personalization Levels

·       Using the Global Personalize Page Link

·       Adding User Tips and Instructions

·       Personalizing Logos



·       Understanding Approvals in Oracle SSHR

·       Enabling Dynamic Approvals

·       Working with Approvals

·       Creating an AME Rule

·       Understanding Approvals Routing

·       Understanding Approval Considerations



Using SSHR

·       Managing Dates

·       Managing Conflicting Actions

·       Using the Document Manager

·       Setting Up a Generic ID for New Employee Registration



Integration with Third-Party Information Providers

·       Integrating SSHR with Third-Party Information Providers

·       Accessing Third-Party Information from the Self -Service Pages

·       Enabling the Info Online Functionality

·       Setting up Links Between Oracle Self-Service HR and Enwisen


Advanced Topics

·       Understanding Employee Directory

·       Understanding Responsibility Ownership