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Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

·       Describe and Create Oracle Analytic Cloud Solutions.


Oracle Analytics Cloud Provisioning and Lifecycle

·       Provision Users and Application Roles

·       Explain Migration Options to OAC and OAS



·       Explain Transactional System, Analytical Systems, Data Warehousing, Dimension, Facts and Hierarchies


Data Visualization

·       Explain OAC 'best visualization' for a data set

·       Describe brushing and its benefits

·       Create a flexible layout of multiple visualizations to present data as a story

·       Use OAC to present your data as a story

·       Import a custom visualization plugin

·       Use Search and BI Ask.

·       Use Map Layers & Map Backgrounds


Data Preparation

·       Describe self service data preparation

·       Perform operations on a data set

·       Describe 'sequence' in the context of OAC data preparation

·       Explain the OAC Data Gateway

·       Use Data Flows to curate a Data Set

·       Create Connection ADW or ATP

·       Describe using Function Shipping with ADW

·       Using Oracle Applications Connector and EPM Connector


Advanced Analytics

·       Describe the Advanced Analytics capabilities in OAC

·       Explain Advanced Calculations inside Expression Editor

·       Create Advanced Analytics Functions


Machine Learning

·       Use the 'Explain' functionality

·       Create and train a machine learning model, analyze its effectiveness and use it in a project

·       Use an ML scenario in a project

·       Register and apply Oracle Database Machine Learning Models


Oracle Analytics Cloud Answers, Dashboards and BI Publisher

·       Use Oracle BI Analysis to build a report

·       Design Pixel Perfect Reports

·       Manage content in the Catalog

·       Create Prompts, Dashboards and Calculations

·       Administer Analysis, Dashboards and Reports

·       Use OAC Mobile and Day by Day

·       Navigate from a Data Visualization into a Publisher Report using Data Actions

·       Bursting Pixel Perfect Reports and using Data Sets