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Overview of Oracle iRecruitment

·       Identifying iRecruitment features

·       Learning about the benefits of iRecruitment

·       Describing different iRecruitment Users

·       Explaining how iRecruitment security works

·       Understanding the concept of People in iRecruitment

·       Understanding the Approval process in iRecruitment

·       Discussing how iRecruitment fits in with Oracle HRMS and HRMSi


Implement Oracle iRecruitment

·       Understanding implementation cycle for iRecruitment

·       Setting up work structures details to work with iRecruitment

·       Creating Recruiting Site information

·       Setting base URL profile options

·       Adding iRecruitment menus to required users

·       Setting up offers and assessments

·       Configure approvals

·       Completing Post Install steps


Configuring iRecruitment Pages

·       Understanding Personalization Levels in iRecruitment

·       Enabling Profile Options for Personalization

·       Learning about personalization components

·       Changing and Displaying Fields in iRecruitment Pages

·       Adding or Editing User Instructions

·       Creating and Displaying Flexfield Segments

·       Configuring a Searchable Flexfield


Managers and Recruiters: Assessments

·       Understanding assessments

·       Learning about assessment components

·       Creating tests and surveys for the registration and job application processes

·       Analyzing test results


Managers and Recruiters: Vacancies and Job Posting

·       Learning about vacancy and vacancy status concepts

·       Creating default posting values for vacancies

·       Creating Vacancy details

·       Approving Vacancies

·       Posting Vacancies to multiple Recruiting Sites

·       Managing Vacancies


Job Seekers: Site Visitors and Registered Users

·       Using Site Visitor functionality

·       Searching for jobs using different search options

·       Registering in iRecruitment

·       Creating user account details include a resume online

·       Defining privacy for user accounts

·       Applying for jobs and completing tests online

·       Monitoring job applications


Managers and Recruiters: Candidate Processing

·       Learning about different search options in iRecruitment

·       Searching the Prospect Pool, Resumes, and Individuals

·       Using different search criteria such as location search and agency search

·       Finding Candidates using the Skills Matching Functionality

·       Processing Candidates and using different options

·       Inviting candidates to apply for jobs


Managing Communications

·       Understanding iRecruitment Communication

·       Creating Topics and Adding Messages for Recruitment Communication

·       Managing Communication for Multiple Applicants

·       Recording interviews—discuss how using iRecruitment Employee Interview function, employees can update interview re


Managing Interview Tasks

·       Creating Interviews for Multiple Applicants

·       Viewing Interview Details


Managers and Recruiters: Working with Applicants

·       Viewing Applicants' details

·       Progressing Applications

·       Updating Applications

·       Creating offers for applicants

·       Approving offers

·       Sending offers to applicants

·       Managing offers

·       Hiring Successful Applicants using People Management Template and Oracle SSHR


Using Employee Interface

·       iRecruitment for Employees

·       Managing Employee Referrals

·       Using the iRecruitment Employee Candidate Home Page

·       Providing cross-references to interview tasks explained in the Managing interviews module


Agency Users - Working with iRecruitment

·       Understanding an agency user's tasks

·       Searching for vacancies

·       Searching for candidates

·       Creating details of candidates

·       Applying for jobs on behalf of candidates

·       Searching for applicants

·       Progressing applications


Generate Letters, Reports, and Perform Purge

·       Defining Standard letters for Web ADI and Oracle HRMS

·       Generating recruitment letters using Web ADI

·       Generating Performance Management Viewer (PMV) reports

·       Purging Candidate and Applicant Data