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Creating CDBs and Regular PDBs

·       Configure and create a CDB

·       Create a new PDB from the CDB seed

·       Explore the structure of PDBs


Manage CDBs and PDBs

·       Manage PDB service names and connections

·       Manage startup, shutdown and availability of CDBs and PDBs

·       Change the different modes and settings of PDBs

·       Evaluate the impact of parameter value changes

·       Performance management in CDBs and PDBs

·       Control CDB and PDB resource usage with the Oracle Resource Manager


Backup and Duplicate

·       Perform Backup and Recover CDBs and PDBs

·       Duplicate an active PDB

·       Duplicate a Database


Upgrading and Transporting CDBs and Regular PDBs

·       Upgrade an Oracle Database

·       Transport Data


Manage Application PDBs

·       Explain the purpose of application root and application seed

·       Define and create application PDBs

·       Install, upgrade and Patch applications

·       Create and administer Application PDBS

·       Clone PDBs and Application containers

·       Plug and unplug operations with PDBs and application containers

·       Comparing Local Undo Mode and Shared Undo Mode


Manage Security in Multitenant databases

·       Manage Security in Multitenant databases

·       Manage PDB lockdown profiles

·       Audit Users in CDBs and PDBs

·       Manage other types of policies in application containers


Recovery and Flashback

·       Restore and Recovering Databases with RMAN

·       Perform CDB and PDB flashback


Backup Strategies and Terminology

·       Perform Full and Incremental Backups and Recoveries

·       Compress and Encrypt RMAN Backups

·       Use a media manager

·       Create multi-section backups of very large files

·       Create duplexed backup sets

·       Create archival backups

·       Backup of recovery files

·       Backup non database files

·       Back up ASM meta data


Restore and Recovery Concepts

·       Employ the best Oracle Database recovery technology for your failure situation

·       Describe and use Recovery technology for Crash, Complete, and Point-in-time recovery


Using Flashback Technologies

·       Configure  your Database  to support Flashback

·       Perform flashback operations


Duplicating a Database

·       Duplicate Databases


Configuring and Using RMAN

·       Configure RMAN and the Database for Recoverability

·       Configureand Using an RMAN recovery catalog


Diagnosing Failures

·       Detect and repair database and database block corruption

·       Diagnosing Database Issues


Performing Recovery

·       Restore and Recovering Databases with RMAN

·       Perform Non RMAN database recovery


Transporting Data

·       Transport Data


RMAN Troubleshooting and Tuning

·       Interpret the RMAN message output

·       Diagnose RMAN performance issues


Install Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database

·       Install Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone server

·       Install Oracle Database software


Patching Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database

·       Patch Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database


Upgrading to Oracle Grid Infrastructure

·       Upgrade Oracle Grid Infrastructure


Oracle Database 18c: New Features

·       Image and RPM based Database Installation


Creating an Oracle Database by using DBCA

·       Create, Delete and Configure Databases using DBCA


Oracle Restart

·       Configure and use Oracle Restart to manage components


Upgrade the Oracle Database

·       Plan for Upgrading an Oracle Database

·       Upgrade an Oracle Database

·       Perform Post-Upgrade tasks


Install Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone server

·       Rapid Home Provisioning


Using General Overall Database Enhancements

·       Install Oracle Database software

·       Create, Delete and Configure Databases using DBCA

·       Creating CDBs and Regular PDBs

·       Use Miscellaneaous 19c New Features


Using Availability Enhancements

·       Use an RMAN recovery catalog

·       Use Flashback Database


Using Diagnosibility Enhancements

·       Use new Diagnoseability Features


Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance

·       Managing Memory Components

·       Understanding The Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

·       Understanding The Advisory Framework

·       Monitoring Wait Events, Sessions, and Services

·       Managing Metric Thresholds and Alerts

·       Understanding and Using The Performance Tuning Methodology

·       Performing Performance Planning

·       Understanding The Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)


Tuning SQL Statements

·       Understanding The Oracle Optimizer

·       Using The SQL Tuning Advisor

·       Managing Optimizer Statistics

·       Using The SQL Access Advisor

·       Understanding The SQL Tuning Process