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Backup and Recovery Considerations

     Plan and Implement a Backup and Recovery Strategy

     Define a Disaster Recovery Plan

     Test a Backup and Recovery Plan

     Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Backup Methods

     Backup Methods Comparison

     Data Recovery Strategy

     Backup Strategy

     Validate the Recovery Strategy


Oracle Recovery Structures and Processes

     Architectural Components of Backup and Restore

     Physical Database Structures

     Logical Database Structures

     Dynamic Performance Views

     Redo Logs,Checkpoints and Archives

     Use the Flash Recovery Area (FRA)

     The Archivelog Modes of a Database



     Configure and Use Flashback Database

     Monitor Flashback Database

     Flash Recovery Area Space Usage

     Flashback Query

     Retrieve Row History with Flashback Versions Query

     Audit or Recover From Transactions with Flashback Transactions Query

     Flashback Table

     Recover Dropped Tables with Flashback Drop

     The Recycle Bin

     Recover Tables to a Point in Time With Flashback Table

     Flashback Database

     Flashback Restore Points

     Flashback Transaction Backout

     Flashback Data Archive


Recovery Manager Overview

     RMAN Features and Components

     The sysbackup Privilege

     RMAN Commands

     Connect to RMAN

     Specify the Location of RMAN Output

     Start Up and Shut Down a Target Database Using RMAN

     Issue SQL Commands in RMAN


Create and Configure a Recovery Catalog

     Create a Recovery Catalog

     Register a Database

     Unregister a Database

     Control File Information

     Virtual Private Catalogs

     Backup a Recovery Catalog

     Use a Flashback Recovery Area with RMAN

     Configure Persistent RMAN Settings

     Set Retention Policies

     Configure Control File Autobackups

     Integrate RMAN with a Media Manager


Backup with RMAN

     Channel Allocation

     Types of RMAN Backup

     Recovery Manager Commands

     Performing Backups

     Closed and Open Backups

     Incremental Backups

     Fast Incremental Backups using Block Change Tracking

     Backup File Image Copies

     Oracle Suggested Backup

     Validate Backups

     Listing Backups


Advanced Backup Techniques

     Create Multisection Backups

     Create Duplexed Backup Sets

     Create Compressed Backups

     Backup the Control File to a Trace File

     Backup Recovery Files

     Backup up ASM Metadata


Maintain A Recovery Catalog

     Change the Availability Status of Backups and Copies

     Catalog Backups Made with Operating System Commands

     Generate Backup Reports and Lists

     Cross Check Backups and Copies

     Delete Backups

     Update the Repository after Backup Deletion

     Drop Database and Archival Backups

     Import and Export the Recovery Catalog

     Use Data Dictionary Tables


Encrypted RMAN Backups

     Create an Encrypted RMAN Backup

     Transparent Encryption

     Password Encryption

     Use Different Encryption Modes


Database Failure Diagnostics

     The Automatic Diagnostic Repository

     The Data Recovery Advisor

     Understanding RMAN Messages and the Error Stack

     Diagnose Data File Loss

     Recovery with RESETLOGS

     Dealing with Block Corruption


Overview of Restore and Recovery

     Restore and Recover

     Instance Failure and Crash Recovery

     Media Failure

     An Overview of Complete Recovery

     An Overview of Point in Time Recovery

     Recovery with RESETLOGS


Basic Restore and Recover with RMAN

     Perform Recovery in Noarchivelog Mode

     Perform Complete Recovery in Archivelog Mode

     Use the Flash Recovery Area for Fast Recovery

     Automatic Tempfile Recovery

     Identify the Database Files to Restore and Recover

     Preview Backups used in Restore Operations

     Apply Incremental Backups to Restore Datafile Image Copies

     The Switch Command

     The Data Recovery Advisor

     Perform Incomplete Recovery (PITR)

     Restore and Recover a tablespace

     Restore and Recover Datafiles

     Recover a Datafile Not Backed Up

     Table Recovery from Backups

     Recover Individual Data Blocks

     The Data Recovery Advisor


Advanced Restore and Recover with RMAN

     Restore the Server Parameter File

     Restore the Control File

     Re-create the Password File

     Handling Redo Log File Loss

     Restore and Recover the Database on a New Host

     Restore RMAN Encrypted Backups

     Disaster recovery


Tablespace Point In Time Recovery (TSPITR)

     Tablespace-Point-in-Time Overview

     Tablespace-Point-in-Time Example


Transport Data

     Transport Tablespaces

     Transport Databases


Create a Duplicate Database with RMAN

     Database Duplication

     Duplication Options

     Create Files for the Duplicate Database

     Prepare the Auxiliary Instance for Duplication

     Create a Duplicate Database

     Clone a Running Database

     An Overview of Using Cloud Control to Clone a Running Database

     Targetless Duplication of a Database

     Duplication Enhancements from 18c


Monitor, Tune and Troubleshoot Backup and Recovery

     Tune Recovery Manager Overview

     Restore and Recovery Performance Best Practices

     Multiplexing in RMAN

     Diagnosing Performance Bottlenecks