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Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data 12c: Product Overview

·       Java Adapter and Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data: Compare and Contrast

·       Oracle GoldenGate Adapter Architecture - the Overall Framework

·       Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data

·       Oracle GoldenGate Java Adapter: Message Capture and Delivery

·       Configuring Message Capture

·       Message Parsing

·       Configuring Message Delivery

·       Java Handlers


Configuring and Using the Hadoop HDFS Handler

·       HFDS Overview

·       Hadoop Sequence Files

·       HDFS Handler Supported Formats

·       Relevant HDFS Handler Configuration Parameters

·       HDFS Partitioning

·       HDFS Metadata Change Events

·       HDFS Handler Best Practices

·       HDFS Handler Performance Considerations


Configuring and Using the Hadoop HBase Handler

·       HBase Overview

·       HBase Handler Functionality

·       HBase Row Key

·       HBase Column Family

·       Relevant HBase Handler Configuration Parameters

·       HBase Handler Best Practices

·       HBase Metadata Change Events


Configuring and Using the Apache Flume Handler

·       Flume Overview

·       Flume Handler Setup

·       Relevant Flume Handler Configuration Parameters

·       Mapping Operations to Flume Events

·       Mapping Transactions to Operational Flume Events

·       Mapping Transactions to Transactional Flume Events

·       Metadata Change Events

·       Flume Handler Schema Propagation


Configuring and Using the Apache Kafka Handler

·       Kafka Overview

·       Kafka Core APIs

·       Kafka Handler Setup

·       Relevant Kafka Handler Configuration Parameters

·       Kafka Producer Configuration File

·       Kafka Handler Schema Propagation

·       Kafka Handler Best Practices

·       Kafka Handler Advanced Configuration


Configuring and Using the Cassandra Handler

·       Cassandra Overview

·       ACID Properties Versus Eventual Consistency

·       Cassandra Handler: Supported Data Types

·       Schema, Table, and Column Mapping

·       Cassandra Primary Keys

·       Cassandra Handler Operation Processing

·       Relevant Cassandra Handler Configuration Parameters

·       Cassandra Handler Best Practices


Configuring and Using the MongoDB Handler

·       MongoDB Overview

·       MongoDB-Specific Considerations: Document Key Column

·       MongoDB-Supported Data Types

·       MongoDB Java Driver

·       Relevant MongoDB Handler Configuration Parameters

·       Relevant MongoDB Handler Configuration Parameters

·       MongoDB Bulk Write

·       MongoDB Undo Handling


Configuring and Using the Generic JDBC Handler

·       JDBC Handler: Overview

·       JDBC Handler-Supported Targets

·       JDBC Handler Single Operation Mode

·       Relevant JDBC Handler Configuration Parameters

·       JDBC Handler Error Handling


Configuring and Using Pluggable Formatters and the Metadata Provider

·       Pluggable Formatters: Overview

·       Operation Formatters

·       Row Formatters

·       Formatter Configuration

·       Metadata Provider: Overview

·       Metadata Provider: When Is It Necessary?

·       Metadata Provider Types

·       Metadata Provider Configuration