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Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate

·       Overview of Oracle GoldenGate

·       Architecture and components

·       Understanding replication technology


Troubleshooting Oracle GoldenGate

·       Identifying and diagnosing problems

·       Troubleshooting techniques and tools

·       Resolving common issues


Tuning Oracle GoldenGate

·       Performance tuning fundamentals

·       Identifying performance bottlenecks

·       Optimizing replication performance

·       Implementing best practices


Oracle GoldenGate Configuration

·       Understanding GoldenGate configuration

·       Configuring GoldenGate processes

·       Parameter files and their importance

·       Handling conflicts


Error Handling and Recovery

·       GoldenGate error handling and reporting

·       Managing replication lag

·       GoldenGate checkpoint and restart options


Advanced Features

·       Oracle GoldenGate Security and encryption

·       Oracle GoldenGate conflict detection and resolution

·       GoldenGate Veridata