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WebLogic Server Review

·       WebLogic Server: Overview

·       WebLogic Server Domain

·       Administration Server and Managed Server

·       Machines, Node Manager, and Clusters

·       Start Scripts

·       WebLogic Tools: Administration Console and WLST

·       Deployment


Upgrading WebLogic Server

·       Upgrade definition

·       Rolling Upgrade

·       Rolling Upgrade Process


Creating and Using Domain Templates

·       Domain Template Review

·       Domain Template Concepts

·       Extension Template Concepts

·       Custom Templates


WebLogic Server Startup and Crash Recover

·       Node Manager Review

·       Configure Node Manager to Start on System Boot

·       Server Automatic Crash Recovery Restart


WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)

·       Jython Concepts

·       WLST Concepts

·       Java Management eXtension (JMX) concepts

·       Common WLST tasks


WebLogic Server and REST

·       WLS and REST

·       Accessing WLS via REST

·       WLS REST Operations


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

·       SSL Concepts

·       WebLogic SSL Scenarios

·       Keystores

·       Configuring WebLogic SSL


Shared Java EE Libraries

·       Shared Java EE Library Concepts

·       Deploying a Shared Library


Application Work Managers

·       Default WebLogic Request Handling

·       Work Manager Concepts

·       Creating a Work Manager


Security Realms

·       Security Review

·       Embedded LDAP Authentication System

·       Configure Auditing


Disaster Recovery and Migration

·       Disaster Recovery

·       Backing Up the Administration Servers

·       Service-Level Migration

·       Whole Server Migration


Domain Partitions

·       Introduction to Multitenancy

·       Working with Domain Partitions


Managing Data Sources

·       General Architecture

·       Diagnostic Images

·       Harvesters

·       Watches and Notifications


Diagnostic Framework

·       General Architecture

·       Diagnostic Images

·       Harvesters

·       Policies and Actions

·       Scaling and WLDF



·       Coherence Overview

·       Coherence*Web Session Persistence

·       Managed Coherence Servers


(Optional)Application Staging and Deployment Plans

·       Review

·       Server staging modes

·       Deploying an application to multiple environments

·       Java EE deployment descriptors and annotations

·       Deployment plans

·       Deployment plan tools


(Optional)Production Redeployment

·       HTTP Sessions and Redeployment

·       Redeployment Strategies

·       Production Redeployment

·       Application Versioning

·       Requirements and Restriction




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