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Procure To Pay Lifecycle Overview

·       Understanding Procure to Pay Lifecycle

·       Understanding Oracle Procure to Pay Process


Oracle Purchasing Overview

·       Understanding Purchasing Process

·       Requisition to Purchase Order

·       Overview of the Ordering Process

·       The Receiving Process

·       Purchasing Integration


Enterprise Structure – Locations, Organizations, and Items

·       Understanding the Enterprise Structure

·       Defining Locations

·       Defining Inventory Organizations

·       Establishing Inventory Parameters

·       Creating Units of Measure

·       Creating a Purchasing Category

·       Item Attributes Defining and Maintaining Items

·       Describing and Using Category Sets



·       Overview of Suppliers

·       Entering Supplier Information

·       Defining Supplier Site Information

·       Managing Suppliers

·       Running Supplier Reports

·       Understanding Financial Options

·       Defining Supplier Profile Options


RFQs and Quotations

·       Request for Quotation Lifecycle

·       Creating and Maintaining Requests for Quotation

·       Creating a Supplier List

·       Understanding Quotations Lifecycle

·       Creating and Maintaining Quotations

·       Sending Notifications

·       Defining RFQ and Quotations Profile Options


Approved Supplier Lists and Sourcing Rules

·       Creating Approved Supplier Lists

·       Understanding Supplier Statuses

·       Understanding Supplier-Commodity/Item Attributes

·       Understanding ASL Precedence

·       Defining Sourcing Profile Options for Approvals



·       Understanding the Requisition Lifecycle

·       Notifications

·       Requisition Structure

·       Creating and Maintaining Requisitions

·       Supplier Item Catalog

·       Creating Requisition Templates

·       Running Requisition Reports

·       Defining Requisition Profile Options


Purchase Orders

·       Understanding Purchase Order Types

·       Purchase Order Components and Record Structure

·       Creating Standard Purchase Orders

·       Creating Contract Purchase Agreements

·       Revising Purchase Orders

·       Maintaining Purchase Orders

·       Identifying Key Reports

·       Creating Global Agreements


Automatic Document Creation

·       Understanding AutoCreate

·       Creating Purchase Documents from Requisitions

·       Modifying Requisition Lines

·       Running the Create Releases Program

·       Understanding the PO Create Documents workflow



·       Receiving Locations

·       Receipt Routing

·       Receipt Processing Methods

·       Receiving Tolerances

·       Entering Returns and Corrections

·       Overview of Pay on Receipt

·       Defining Profile Options


Professional Buyer’s Work Center

·       Learning Business Benefits of the Buyer’s Work Center

·       Understanding Requisitions in the Buyer’s Work Center

·       Creating a Purchase Order in the Buyer's Work Center

·       Purchase Agreements in the Buyer’s Work Center

·       Creating a Personalized Requisition View

·       Understanding Implementation Considerations

·       Using Document Styles

·       Creating a Purchase Agreement in the Buyer's Work Center


Document Security, Routing and Approval

·       Document Security and Access Levels

·       Document Approval - Jobs and Positions

·       Creating Position Approval Hierarchies

·       Defining Document Security Levels

·       Creating Approval Groups

·       Defining Document Access Levels

·       Using Oracle Workflow for Requisitions and Purchase Order Approvals

·       Running the Fill Employee Hierarchy Process


Purchasing Accounting

·       Overview of Purchasing Accounting

·       Closing the PO Period

·       Using foreign currency

·       Purchasing Accounting Implementation Considerations

·       Setup options

·       Accrual Reconciliation Process


Setup Steps

·       Setting Up Document Sequences

·       Setting Up Key Profile Options

·       Setting Up Descriptive Flexfields

·       Defining Purchase Order Matching and Tax Tolerances

·       Defining Approval Groups and Assignments

·       Defining Purchasing Options

·       Setting Up Sourcing Rules and Assignments

·       Performing Additional System Administration


Purchasing Administration

·       Maintaining Oracle Purchasing Database Records

·       Using Mass Update on Purchasing Documents

·       Using Purchasing Mass Cancel

·       Using Mass Close of Purchasing Documents

·       Understanding Purge

·       Running the Purchasing Concurrent Processes