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Overview of Oracle Order Management

·       Overview of Oracle Order Management

·       What is Oracle Order Management?

·       Order Capture and Order Fulfillment

·       Oracle Order Management Capabilities

·       Order to Cash Lifecycle

·       Integration with Other Products


Order Entities and Order Flows

·       Order to Cash Lifecycle with Standard Items

·       Order to Cash Lifecycle with PTO Models and PTO Kits

·       Drop Shipments

·       Drop Shipments Across Ledgers

·       Back-to-Back Orders

·       Managing IR-ISO Changes

·       Sales Agreements

·       Negotiation Agreement


Order Processing

·       Entering Order Header Main Information

·       Entering Order Header Additional Information

·       Entering Order Lines

·       Booking an Order

·       Applying Sales Credits

·       Splitting Orders

·       Copying Orders

·       Using Order Organizer


Multiple Organization Access Control Setup

·       Organization Structure in Oracle Applications

·       Using MOAC in Oracle Order Management

·       Setting Up MOAC


Oracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management

·       Receipt to Issue Lifecycle

·       Inventory Organizations

·       Setting Up Locations

·       Inventory Organization Structure

·       Interorganization Shipping Networks

·       Shipping Method

·       Units of Measure


Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order Management

·       Overview of Trading Community Architecture

·       Key Customer Related Concepts in TCA

·       Adding Customers in Order Management

·       Defining Payment Terms

·       Defining Invoicing and Accounting Rules

·       Overview of Credit Checking

·       Defining Credit Checking on the Customers Page - Profile Tab

·       Defining Credit Checking on the Customers Page - Profile Amounts Tab


Oracle Order Management Setup Steps

·       Order Management Setup Steps

·       Profile Options and System Parameters

·       Overview of QuickCode or Lookup Types

·       Defining QuickCode or Lookup Types

·       Overview of Order Header and Order Line Processing Flows

·       Overview of Transaction Types Window

·       Workflow in Transaction Types

·       Overview of Document Sequences for Order Numbering


Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup

·       Holds

·       Seeded Holds

·       Automatic Holds

·       Generic Holds

·       Specifying Holds Framework

·       Hold Sources

·       Order and Quote Purge

·       Purge Sets


Basic Pricing Setup

·       Overview of Pricing in the Order to Cash Process

·       Creating a Price List

·       Secondary Price List

·       Copy Price List

·       Price List Maintenance: Overview

·       Add Items to Price List

·       Manual Price List Updates

·       Implementation Steps: Setting Key Profile Options


Overview of Shipping Execution

·       Shipping Execution Flow

·       Delivery and Delivery Lines

·       Trips and Stops

·       Delivery Leg

·       Containers/LPNs

·       Pick Release

·       Move Orders, Pick Confirmation