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Understanding Oracle iProcurement

·       Oracle Advanced Procurement

·       Key Procurement Capabilities

·       E-Business Suite Integration

·       Procurement Suite Integration

·       Key Functionality of Oracle iProcurement

·       Oracle iProcurement Content Management

·       Approval and Document Creation

·       Oracle iProcurement Shopping Data Flow


Managing Oracle iProcurement

·       Identifying Sources for Item Information

·       Identifying Types of Stores

·       Creating and Managing iProcurement Stores

·       Uploading Item Information using text and XML-Based Spreadsheets

·       Creating and Managing Item Descriptions

·       Creating Catalog Hierarchies

·       Uploading Categories and Descriptors


Managing Oracle iProcurement Requisitions

·       Shopping Flow in Oracle iProcurement

·       Document Routing

·       Using Internally Sourced Requisitions

·       Copying, Canceling, and Changing Requisitions

·       Automated Document Management

·       Using P-Cards in Oracle iProcurement

·       Accounting Considerations for Oracle iProcurement

·       Personalizing the Home Page


Using iProcurement Receiving

·       Oracle iProcurement Receiving Process

·       Processing Returns and Corrections

·       Receiving Orders

·       Finding Receipts

·       Entering Returns in Oracle iProcurement

·       Receiving Comparison

·       Receiving Open Interface


Oracle iProcurement Setup Steps

·       iProcurement Setup Steps

·       Oracle Application Setup

·       Verifying Profile Options

·       Creating Requisition Templates