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Procurement Contracts In The Oracle Advanced Procurement Suite

·       Procure to Pay Lifecycle

·       Procurement Contracts Integration with Other Procurement Applications

·       Integration to Other Procurement Applications

·       Procurement Contracts and Advanced Procurement

·       Contract Integration: Supplier

·       Procurement Application Integration: Customer

·       Procurement Contracts in Purchasing

·       Procurement Contracts in iSupplier Portal


Overview of Oracle Procurement Contracts

·       Contract Life Cycle Management

·       Oracle Procurement Contracts Benefits

·       Procurement Contract Solutions

·       Types of Contracts

·       Procurement Contracts Lifecycle

·       Establish Standards

·       Author and Negotiate: Procurement Contracts

·       Author and Negotiate: Contract Terms


Contract Standards

·       Contracts Terms Library

·       Contracts Terms Library Advantages

·       Contract Terms Library Contents

·       Contract Terms Library Structure

·       Global Control, Local Access

·       Contract Templates

·       Adding Clauses to Contract Templates

·       Validate Templates


Contract Lifecycle

·       Authoring Purchasing Contracts

·       Purchase Contract Authoring

·       Contract Terms

·       Contract Authoring Steps

·       Updating and Deleting Variables

·       Displaying Clauses Using a Variable

·       Creating and Updating Deliverables

·       Procurement Contracts in Buyer’s Work Center


Setting Up and Implementing Oracle Procurement Contracts

·       Buyer’s Work Center Document Style Setup

·       Multi-Org Access Control Setup

·       Mandatory Setups

·       Implementation Sequence

·       Levels of Access

·       Contract Authoring Setup

·       Clause Concurrent Programs

·       XML Interface for Clause Import Setup and Process